Vanilla World, Chapter 2

She hated supernatural creatures. Imps, elves, were’s and all the like: she hated them. Not simply because they existed, no, but because they never stayed put. Why couldn’t they all just stay put and follow the rules?

 Genesis sighed and ran her fingers over her kinky hair, pulled back tight into a government issue ponytail. Everything about her was government issue, from her black blazer, to her shiny black loafers and all that fit in between. That was the way she liked it. She didn’t even mind that her belt buckle, the hem of her slacks, the collar of her blazer and the sole of her loafers all had military issue homing devices “cleverly” implanted in them.  This, for Genesis, was all routine. Routine was what she was good at, which was why she hated the supernatural. They were never routine.

Genesis hadn’t been surprised when she was selected to be on special government task force of an extremely classified nature. Despite being a woman, no more than 5’8 and 140 lbs, she was the best of the best as a Marine. She’d single handedly completed so many covert operations, that technically never happened, that she’d stopped keeping count.

 She wasn’t even that surprised when they’d dropped the bomb and told her she’d be chasing beings from parallel worlds whose supernatural visa’s had expired. She’d seen some things as a soldier she could never explain, and this job suddenly made sense of all of them. So now she did whatever it took to make Big Foot stay a myth, keep the Loch Ness Monster from wandering into small bodies of water, and ensure that dragons stayed out of the way of commercial airlines. When those creatures couldn’t follow the rules, they answered to her and her unnamed government agency.

Genesis huffed and looked directly into the hazy blue sky above her, or what she could see o it over the New York City skyline. Something had been through here. She pulled out a small device that resembled a tablet computer, which was all the rage, so drew no real attention. It was very much the same in fact, if other tablets were being monitored by the federal government and used to track and locate fairy tale creatures who had worn out their welcome on United States soil.

She quickly tapped in her pin to unlock the screen and scrolled around to her most useful application: the Atmospheric Disturbance – Frequency Register Energy Emulsifier application. In short, it was called the AD-FREE App. The boys down in development thought that was really clever. For Genesis it was simply necessary.

Something had been bending the energy fields between worlds. Something had decided it had the right to trespass into this world, and specifically this nation, without its proper papers.  Whatever it was had left one strange energy signature that no one could get a lock on.

That’s why they called her in. Genesis had a knack for tracking down beings from other worlds. It was a gift of sorts.

With a simple flick of her finger, Genesis activated the application and begun tracing the path this unbelievable energy had taken. She could almost feel the electricity still charged in the air from where this creature had been. It couldn’t have passed there more than a day or two before. She stood still on the sidewalk, not at all bothered by the shoving of the native New Yorkers trying to get by her on the crowded sidewalk. The energy signature was fading.

Genesis swore under her breath. How could she lose a signature that strong? She closed her brilliant copper eyes and tried to focus. She focused on the energy around her.

“Nothing just disappears” she whispered to herself. “No object can cease to exists, it just changes or moves. Where are you branch jumper?”

Her eyes shot open and Genesis glanced just to her left at a dark and uninviting alley. Of course it had gone that way. Where better to disappear than in an alley? She pointed her tab in the direction of the alley, and just as she suspected, the energy signal jumped. This was why she always got the tough cases. Her instincts on the supernatural were very keen, extremely so.

As she walked down the alley she could feel the crackle of electricity covering her caramel skin and causing the hairs of her neck to stand on end.  The AD-FREE meter was going off the charts. Whatever she was tracking was extremely powerful.  Travel between branches caused an atmospheric disturbance, not very much unlike the energy that caused a lightning storm.

 After a jump between branches was made, there was often a subtle energy field left behind that could be traced by the miracle of science in her firm grasp. What Genesis was reading was nothing like the usual energy field left behind. What she was reading was the equivalent of an actual lightning strike that was still in fact touching down. She could literally feel it pulsing through her.

“Headquarters, are you getting these readings?” Genesis asked after pressing her finger to her ear and activating a very small ear piece.

“Yes agent Hart, we’re picking it up. It looks like your meter is malfunctioning.” A male voice responded in a calm, dry voice as if he’d read so many data reports that he’d lost his ability to care about any of them anymore, even one as groundbreaking as this.  

“No headquarters, this is no malfunction. The energy here is off the charts, just like the last location. It’s even stronger than before.” There was a brief radio silence. Genesis was unsure of if she’d been heard at all.

“Are you certain Hart? There is no way you could be standing that close to that kind of energy and…” the man paused as if suddenly considering something. “Can you see it? Can you actually see the jump site?”

Genesis opened her mouth to say no, but just as she did she noticed blue spark in her peripheral vision. She squinted her eyes and again channeled focus. As she did, she could just begin to see tendrils of what looked like static electricity dancing in the air before her.

“You’re not going to believe this headquarters, but this thing left an actual, visible leap site! What the hell am I chasing?” She asked, reaching her hand towards the dancing tendrils. Genesis knew better than to infect a potential test site, but she couldn’t help but reach for it. It was amazing.

The moment her hand made contact with the light, she gasped hard, inhaling as if her very life depended on it. It was cold, ice cold. Before she could gather what was going on her entire body was propelled through the light.

Genesis wanted to scream, but the soldier in her wouldn’t allow her to lose composure. Her eyes were shut tight, and she could feel solid mass beneath her feet, but the very feel of the air around her had changed. She knew by the freshening of the scent that she was no longer in a dark, dank alley.

She opened her eyes slowly, and was glad she did. Genesis found herself standing on the edge of a very tall skyscraper looking down over New York City. Slowly, she backed away from the edge.

“Headquarters,” she began. “This is worse than we thought. Something is not only traveling between branches, but it’s ripping holes in the fabric of space, and worse yet its leaving them open.”

“How could you possibly know that?” The man asked skeptically.

“Because I just walked through one. You’d better send a chopper for me.”

“Where exactly are you?” the man asked quizzically, as if not following her words well.

“On top of the Empire State Building.”

The End

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