Vanilla World

Sion walked through the streets of one of humanity's cities. From what she could see, it was New York, but it had certainly changed since she had been there last.

Even more buildings were towering above the people that wandered the sidewalks, either with express business to attend to, or just because it was such a nice day. It was often humid during the summer, at least in the city, but today was especially refreshing, and the air seemed cleaner than Sion remembered it.

On this branch, she was invisible to most of the people that walked on the street, and anybody that could see her would certainly not be alarmed by her appearance; her catlike eyes, her pale complexion, and her dirty blonde hair were the least of her unusual features, but she liked to keep her long tail hidden from view by tucking it into her trousers. If she was spotted by anybody on the primary branch (visible to all living creatures) then they would not be human, but perhaps cats or birds, who could see both the primary and midland branches, but not the branch of the Netherworld. Either way, she would not be at any immediate risk here.

However, she was getting quickly fed up of having to dodge the blind inhabitants of this world, and she promptly decided to remove herself from the streets that the humans used, and instead took herself down an alley, knowing she wouldn't be interrupted.

Closing her eyes, Sion called upon her understanding of the three key branches of this world. She allowed herself to bend them to her will, forcing them to contort and shift slightly. This was what she was good at. If people asked how she was able to control the branches, she would not answer - she wouldn't be able to. To her it was like crossing one's eyes or curling one's tongue; her manipulation of the branches was simply something that came naturally to her, as if it were from somewhere inside her. For a moment she felt the branches flicker, and when she opened her eyes, they were released from her grip, and Sion found herself not where she had been when she closed her eyes, but standing on the very edge of a tall building on the other side of the city. It wasn't a particularly important or recognisable building, but it would serve Sion well.

Her control of the branches of this world often allowed her to move herself from one location to another, but it had left her drained. It was sometimes dangerous - if she got it wrong, even a little bit, she could end up somewhere deadly, such as the bottom of the ocean, or trapped inside a wall (neither of which had happened to her yet), or worse, lost between branches (which unfortunately for Sion had happened once or twice). But she was careful, and knew her limits, and her understanding of the worlds that inhabited the three branches was growing every day.

Taking a step back from the edge of the building, she scanned the skyline for what she had spent the last two days searching for. And she spotted it in the distance, several yards above any kind of structure, just suspended in the air.

It would be difficult to get to, but that was not up to her. She prepared herself for the leap back to the Netherworld, where she would report her findings - a tear in the branches, one that would serve perfectly for the creation of a portal between worlds.

The End

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