Nervous Breakdown

They called it a nervous breakdown.  Only, I wasn't nervous.  Just scared.  I mean, who wouldn't be?  Okay, maybe scared wasn't the right word.  Terrified?  That looks better.  I mean, I've been afraid of bugs my whole life.  Especially spiders.  The little creepy crawlies have made me jumpy since one crawled into my crib when I was 2.  I mean, what kind of living, breathing thing has 8 legs?  I squished it with my teddybear, and boy, Bearington was never the same after that.  I almost felt bad for him when I did it, but imagine what would have happened to me if I had squished it myself!  

I hate those things...they make me all jittery like when I had sugar...boy, the last time I had sugar was a good day...why?  Because I had sugar, that's why!  Boy, you'd think that you've never had sugar before!

Chocolate cake is my favourite kind of sugar, mainly because it's sugary and chocolaty.  But too much makes my tummy upset...maybe that's why I'm not allowed to have mommy says that I have a "nervous stomach."  Funny word, nervous...

The End

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