Chapter 3Mature

"SO how do you think you did with the poem?" I bit my lip and bat my eyes in a cheesy way, "Well, guess!" I  teased disgustingly, Justin wasn't surprised but I did hear his voice raise in a mockingly way, "Well, seeing as you like comics like a guy, is totally really smart, but is totally covered up by that pretty face, I think you did really well," I shrugged my shoulders like it wasn't a big deal (and it wasn't!!) while dodging the kids that were maneuvering around our bodies. "Hey, if you want, you can come sit with us at lunch, if well, y'know, you and your newly found friends are cool with it," I laughed (accidently people, it's hard not to, and I didn't actually do it on purpose) and blushed right afterwards; it was cute how he was acting casual about it. "Sure, mind if we go now?" he glanced at Ty and gave him a look that might have said, "beat it!" when Ty disappeared in the crowd, Justin turned back to me with his movie star smile and pulled me through the crowds of people towards the lunchroom.

We were early and picked the table in the middle which was branded 'popular table' while I was waiting for the other people -and maybe even Aubree- I glanced around as the cafeteria filled up with lots of people; all which were dashing for their own table to reserve their "own kind", there were the band geeks, orchestra dorks, theaters (which is musical's), goths, emo's (they really don't like being next to each other), the Norm's, trouble makers, and weird people; right behind them entered these really pretty girls, which I'd believe some of the popular girls.

One had long wavy blond hair and steelish blue eyes that could scare any if she stared into them too long, another had red curly hair that went down to her shoulders and dark blue eyes with a toothy grin to match, next to her was a girl that looked annoyed as ever; her silky blond hair with pink and black highlights cascaded down her back like a glistening waterfall, her eyes said differently though; they were bright as day, blue as the ocean and were framed by these stupid, hipster glasses. And last, but not least, was Aubree; I knew exactly who she was by just looking at her (yeah, the bullying was that bad!).

She strut through the doors like a model down a runway, her long blonde (and maybe even bleached!), wavy hair tumbled down her back with her dark, elegant, blue eyes set on the table we were sitting at. She wore a tight floral styled sundress despite the fact that it was only spring and not even summer yet. It was quite obvious why she was considered the prettiest girl in the school, but that didn't matter, she was still the  evillest person in the school and maybe the whole state; I don't know. Next entered 2 other guys, one I knew was Ty, the other had golden brown hair and forest green eyes. Once they sat down, their eyes were on me, I didn't avoid their gaze and stared them down right back with a small smile on my lips.

Before Aubree said anything we were called to the lunch line to pick out the food that were available for us, thankfully the taste of food in this school has gotten better and I could regained my appetite as I filed through the different kinds of foods. Eventually I settled with a slice of pepperoni pizza, a cookie for my dessert, and a bottle of water. We sat right back down at the table and the silence started right back up again along with me too nervous to even look at my slice of pizza, Aubree finally spoke, "So, I'm just gonna say what's on everybody's mind, who's this?" it was mostly directed to the person that actually invited me to the table in the first place. Justin rolled his eyes and I hid a giggle.

"This, is Charlotte Black, the new girl here, I thought it'd be nice to invite her to sit with us," Justin chimed with his famous smiles, Aubree gave him a fake one back, "well, we shouldn't just steal her from her friends, I bet she's too busy to meet and eat with us." I leaned in and was feeling sick being talked about, "Nah, it's alright, they're ok with it," I blurt satisfyingly, Aubree grunted in a way that said she was mad as hell and annoyed that I had came and stole her thunder, but she went along with being nice to the 'new girl' to look like the bigger man; or in this case, the bigger woman. "Well, I'm Aubree Cook, head on the cheer team," she pointed to the girl with fiery red hair, "This is Skye Gray, also is a cheerleader, dating Jacob Long so he's totally out of the dating zone."

I raised a brow at that little tidbit of information that didn't matter to me at all. Aubree continued by pointing by at the girl with highlights, "This is Kayla Michaels, she's on the soccer team and track team," I gave props to her even though she had those stupid hipster glasses on; she wasn't a cheerleader! Aubree pointed at the girl with stone faced steelish blue eyes, "This is-"

she hid a chuckle that wasn't well hidden,

"-April Winters, cheerleader also," I cocked my head and wondered about the whole, purposely laughing after saying her name, but didn't speak a word since your highness Aubree was still going on with introductions. She pointed at Ty, "that's Tyler Wolfe, on the football team of course," she cackled like it was a joke, but obviously I still didn't know what was going on, she continued to rudely point at the people at the table.

Aubree jabbed her thumb out towards the guy with golden brown hair and green eyes, "That's Austin Reese, also on the track team," she gave me a smile that meant something else for me, "And that's Justin Lee, but I guess you already know that," I saw her give me a quick snarl before it was replaced with a dazzling smile. Ty and Austin suddenly stood up and cocked their heads towards the door, Justin saw this and stood up also, "we're gonna go and ask coach something for the game today, we probably won't be back so I guess you finally get a girl's table today, I'll see you 8th period Charlotte," I give him a curt nod and he disappeared with the other boys while I got stared down awkwardly by the 4 girls at the table.

I soon decided to break the dead silence that surrounded us, "So, did you catch Gossip Girl last night?" and just like that I set off a trigger that sent every girl at this table (except for me) to stat gossiping about, well, Gossip Girl! I've never heard o that t.v. show before until Justin mentioned it today, saying that I looked like I watched it so I though, what the heck?! what would it hurt to ask? he did say that I was pretty so I would think all the popular girls watched the t.v show. While Aubree and them discuss how Gossip Girl and even try to talk to me I was too distracted by the clacking of Kayla's gum in her mouth.

 Finally, Aubree snapped her fingers in front of my face rudely, but, gaining my attention like she's always had since she was born from everybody else. "Listen Charlotte, before I tell you the det's. (details), you might want to watch your back around here, some of these girls are complete bitches, and careful where you tread, You wouldn't want to step in the wrong place, It could get messy." I gazed at Aubree for a minute, closely studying her facial expression. I sent my most honest smile to her, "Thanks Aubree, I guess I was lucky on the first day by sitting with you guys!" Aubree tilted her head to the side, flipped her hair, and gave me a smile that might have sent every guy in the room to notice her -not like she wasn't being noticed in the first place- and giggled.

She had an angel smile yes, but I was much more smarter than that, behind that smile she was set on bringing me down like she did to Charlotte White.


Thankfully I had survived the whole day without anyone noticing that I was actually Charlotte White, even though it would feel nice to believe that someone actually remembered me enough to see that I had totally out gone a whole makeover, both my appearance and my life. "So how was Aubree and her friends treating you? I never asked," I gave him a wry smile, "they were ok, but I don't think they like me much, unless I get a bigger cup size and join the cheer-leading team, I'm just another person at this school," Justin laughed like I was cracking a joke -which I wasn't people!!- and leaned against the lockers as I stuffed my backpack with homework I had already finished in class just to seem less smarter in front of Justin.

"I think both of you need is to just have a sleepover and watch Gossip Girl and you'll be best friends in no time!" I grinned even though I was burning with fury inside, why must he keep saying we need to watch Gossip Girl? Does he think girls just bond over a sleep over that quickly?! Even though we look like we love each other on the outside, on the inside, secretly they want to stab them once they've turned their back. "Well-

"Hey Justin!" Aubree sneaked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, Justin, who I'd think would have at least pushed away if anyone else had done that to him -including me- just grinned and tried to twist her around as my jaw dropped at the scene of public affection. Aubree let go and appeared behind Justin, one look at me got her shining smile to fade for just one second; it disappeared before I could call her out on it. "So Charlotte, are you going to be at the game today? It's the Huskies vs. the Gladiators," I bit my lip and let a wry smile appear on my face. " sorry but I really hope the Gladiators win!!" I added quickly, hoping to cover up how embarrassed I was.

They stared at me like I had just said I wanted to kill the president. "What...?" I glanced between them curiously, why were they staring at me? "Uh, Charlotte, we...we're the Huskies," I stared at them blankly, Aubree smirked but looked irritated for Justin, "Y'know, the Riverdell Huskies? That's us!!" I tried my best to hide the blush that was quickly spreading across my cheeks like wildfire. "OH yeah, I just, yeah, go Huskies," I mumbled without the enthusiasm. Aubree rolled her eyes and tried to hide it even though we could clearly see she totally hated me and Justin gave me a smile that warmed my heart and sent my blush into a burning tingle on my face. "So see you later babe?" I was surprised that Aubree called him babe but wasn't when Justin didn't overreact to it and nonchalantly said sure, Aubree gave me a sweet look and strut away, provocatively swaying her hips as she did so.

Once she was out of sight, out of the blue, Justin leaned in real close, "Need a ride?" something caught in my throat, I wanted to sat 'HELL NO!' since he'd notice just exactly where I lived and somehow put the pieces together but then I had to, it was our time to be alone; to get closer, and anyway, Justin is so dense, it'll take him at least a week for him to react to someone throwing a brick right at his head. He's not stupid though, just really, really slow...I swung the loaded backpack over my shoulder and grinned, "sure!" I said cheerily.

Once outside he lead my to his car which I would have guessed would be a Hondai since all he ever talked about in junior high was to get that type of car and that type of car alone. I was wrong once I set my eyes on a deep red colored jeep, "Nice car," I slyly commented, I knew easily that Justin would totally feel much better around if I complement anything that he owns; its Justin Lee 101. He unlocked the doors and jumped into the drivers seat as I carefully and slowly slid into the passenger seat, knowing how he drove in Mario Kart; you'd be scared too. As soon as he turned on the car, a blast of cold air hit my face which was well, not that bad knowing that I had this burning feeling on my face and was feeling very uncomfortable showing him towards my house.

Halfway there it started pouring, and found myself staring out the window, watching the rain drops roll down the window; immaturely pretending that they were racing. I can't believe this was actually happening, I was in a car, with my past crush, hoping to get revenge on what he did to me in junior high; surprisingly, I was getting excited to ruin his life. Which is totally mean and weird for me, I took a peek at him from the corner of my eye. Horrible mistake ever. When I turned my eyes to look at him, that was the moment when he turned to gaze right back at me; our eyes locked and something gave off, some electricity that got my cheeks to burn a bright pink before I could finally control my emotions and my body; I told my self to look away and finally, I did. When I was face to face with the window, I heard a chuckle from Justin, which got my ears to heat up and get embarrassed.

Justin pulled up in front of my house and put his car into park as I grabbed my stuff, and scrambled to grab my umbrella out of my backpack and get the heck out of his car. By now, it was raining cats and dogs, "I guess we won't have our game today," I mentally sighed in relief and gave a sarcastic grimed expression, "oh, too bad," Justin looked right through my disguise when he gave me an teasing grin, "You got out of this this time but just wait next week, promise to come?" I dropped my umbrella and scrambled to grab it and think up of a clever comeback to the question. Justin reached for it as I and out hands instantly -and unexpectedly- brushed each others delicately, shooting a shiver up my hand and down my spine. I trembled as I glanced back into his eyes, once we locked gazes; I felt hypnotized once more.

His warm eyes gave me a sense of relief and safety I needed. Like he wouldn't judge me like I would see in most people. I was so entranced that I accidentally said, "sure," making his face go bright and his eyes get even brighter. His eyes shone and told me that I could certainly trust him with my secrets. Instantly I snapped back and pulled my hand away; I hopped out of the car and was about to leave before he caught my hand. I turned back to look at him nervously, hoping to hide the red glow that came over my face, "Look, I know Aubree and her friends seem brain dead and are total bitches but," he paused and couldn't help but give me a hopeless grin, "Not everyone is like Aubree at our school, we're nice," I gave him a thoughtful smile, so cute how he wants to make sure I was feeling fine I waved goodbye and rushed inside for cover.

Once inside, I barricaded the door with my body -believing that he'd come running in- and slid until my butt hit the carpet. I took a deep breath and groaned as loudly as I could, annoyed that I let myself look directly  in his eyes and feel those ways. Sure, his eyes said that I could tell him every secret I have, but I couldn't tell him every secret. Not this secret. Not the one about Charlotte Black.

The End

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