Chapter 1Mature

"Alright, morning checkup, hair?" she questioned.

"Set and ready to go!" I cheerfully responded.

She insistently continued, "Clothes?"

"Check!" A smile played across her lips, as if she were feeling much more relieved and satisfied, "and what about makeup?" My cheerful smile instantly disappeared and in place was a frown, "But I don't want to! Human beings shouldn't have to do this! Especially women, who just had to invent the stupid pencil thingy?!" Brigitte rolled her eyes as I ranted on and on about "idiotic inventions like this".

"Alright, please tell me that you aren't talking about eyeliner? Because if you are, you're wrong! Eyeliner was the best thing as the invention of light!" I rolled my eyes as Brigitte continued on about "mascara is heavenly also!" She finally stopped and could finally see my nervousness; this was the first time I was going to put on makeup without Brigitte there to help me. If you were about to put a pencil near the waterline of your eye you'd be scared also. "Little darling, do not worry, you can do it I believe in you," she paused, "do you remember what I've taught you?" I recalled her saying one thing; and that is to always have control of your hand and to be calm when you applied makeup. I nod as I feel the fear escape me, "Then you are alright."

I gave her a smile and glanced at the clock, 5:00. "Alright, I've got to go and take a shower, I'll see you after-

"Wait! Are you sure you're gonna be alright going to your old school? I know how it must feel to go and fight your fears but I don't know," I snorted, it was hilarious when Brigitte was acting like my mother, but that was what she was, always worrying about something or being too sensitive about something else. "Don't worry, I'm strong now, I'm not like how I was back then, I'm different, I'm Charlotte Black, not White," Brigitte wryly smiled at me, "If you say so," she sighed and her expression suddenly changed.

"Phase One: Make Him Notice You," I sternly nodded, "good luck! A plus tard~!" I waved as I logged out of my Skype. It was weird now, being back into my old house, in my old neighborhood, going to my old school; it was going to take a while for me to get used to it again. I stood up and sought out what I was going to do in the first place, get ready for school. I took a shower, washed my face, and fixed my hair. I was tempted to put my hair in a pony tails but Brigitte always said that it didn't look attractive so I settled for a Katniss braid, instead loosened.

I picked out a simple soft aqua colored cardigan and a floral tank top with colored jeans. Brigitte always said to wear something that I felt comfortable in (and after I wanted to wear my big sweatshirts again she took them and gave it all to the thrift shop, I couldn't wear anything but tank tops those miserable weekends). I carefully applied the makeup onto my face and walked downstairs where my mother was cooking breakfast for both my brother and I. I grimaced at the eggs that were being burnt on the pan. She looked a little nervous and wasn't paying attention; she kept biting her nails as well as her lip (maybe that's where I got it from!) and kept running her hands through her faded dark blond hair. My chest tightened whenever I saw my mother in this state.

"Mom, the eggs," I nonchalantly mentioned and watched my mother flip out, nearly burning herself while trying to turn off the stove. "Mom, are you going to be ok?" Her dark blue eyes  met with mine, and an expression shot through her face before disappearing, it meant that she didn't notice me until now. Mother shook her head as if completely ignoring my question and went on about the burnt eggs, "Sorry about that, I was worried about us, mostly you," the tightening in my chest didn't crease.

"Don't worry about that! Lets worry about what I'm gonna eat for breakfast!" I grinned, showing my now -and these were really expensive to fix!- straight, white teeth. My mother took the bait and continued on about what was going down today which normally included my dad coming home late (big surprise there), my little bro having soccer practice until 6:00, and my mother avoiding me the whole day (she didn't actually say that but I know she meant to).

But all I could think about was how I ruined my family's life so easily, my mother was about to be announced as the new mayor in town until we had to move and change our names so the cyber bullying would stop following me everywhere I'd go. "Charlotte," I snapped out of my guilt and tried to look into my mothers eyes without getting the feeling that she doesn't see me as her little daughter anymore, that she only see's me as the person that ruined her dreams. "What did you say?" I managed out, "do you want me to take you to school?" my eyes widened at the question.

"NO!" I exclaimed abruptly, my mother eyed me like I just took a sniff of the inside of a book (which isn't weird at all!) I bit my lip and gave her an unsure smile, "I-its ok, I can walk," I muttered quickly. Mom eyed me carefully before walking away.

I sighed in relief once she was fully gone and swung my backpack over my shoulder, that was close! If anyone saw my mom drop me off they'll instantly know who I am and that'll devastate my whole plan! I grabbed a packet of pop tarts before slipping out the front door and dashing to school. I slowed down when I realized I didn't have to avoid Justin anymore in the morning; I actually had to 'seduce him with my charming good looks', (Brigitte's words, not mine). Halfway to school I started to realize that I would be going back and facing my tormentors (which was mostly everyone at that hellish school). I was starting to have the same feelings I got whenever I finished a series and was having serious reading withdrawals because I didn't know what to read next.

Soon after those feelings appeared I started to excessively bite my bottom lip (until it bled) as well as sweat like a waterfall. Brigitte was right! I can't do this! What if someone remembers me? What if Justin remembers me instantly?! Right then I imagined Brigitte popping beside me in 'chibi' form with her wisdom, You can do this Charlotte, go and do what you've always wanted to do, ruin Justin Lee's life like he ruined yours! I silently encouraged myself. Without realizing it I was already at the school, like always, there were thousands of people in the front, little cliques that I wasn't able to join because even the other nerds didn't want to be seen with Charlotte the Harlot.

But I wasn't her anymore, I was Charlotte Black and was ready to break Justin's heart. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and cluelessly walked towards the school; looking like I was new here even though I knew the school like the back of my hand.

All of the secret rooms and passage ways, every single one of them because I needed a place to hide whenever Aubree was looking to torment me again. In the corners of my eyes I saw people turn away from their conversations to watch me pass through, and let me tell you something, I was freaking out! I wasn't used to anyone looking at me, nonetheless everyone glance at me before doing a double-take before dropping their jaws in amazement. Was I really that pretty?

While I was getting flooded by the feeling of flattery, I didn't notice the person in front of me before bumping into his back and being pushed onto the ground roughly. I ignored the pain in my butt and went on to apologize for bumping into him, I automatically bowed down like some ditsy, air headed character in an anime without realizing it.

"Uh, what're you doing?" my eyes shot open and I unbent myself and was about to cover up my mistake (since I totally just bowed down like a anime character!!) but was tongue-tied once I got a look at hot this guy was! Ok, I know that its weird for me (who's only crushes were Justin and half of the really hot anime characters in those, well, anime's but this guy was good looking! Dark shaggy brown hair perfectly framed his tanned face and fell into her gorgeous dark green eyes that seemed to pierce into mine every time I glanced up at them.

He wore bright blue baggy jeans with a simple black t-shirt and leather jacket that  clung to his arms tightly; he would be what I'd call, an emo (or gothic) Ash Ketchum (from Pokemon of course!) He narrowed his eyes at me , pinched his lips, and glared at me through his lowering green eyes.

And before I could say a thing, he passed me without a second thought. I opened my mouth to explain my weirdness but he had already disappeared through the large crowd of people. I sighed as the school bell rang and people started shoving me out of the way as if they actually cared about school like I did.

Being still dazed and hung up about bowing like a anime character I didn't notice the person coming towards me before he 'accidently' bumped into me, causing me to fall to the floor once again. "Watch where  you're going freak," he muttered as he shoved through the now forming group of people at the front doors.

I shot glaring daggers that could burn through anything, I groaned and rolled my eyes once everyone was through the doors, This is gonna be a LONG day.

The End

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