I can remember a time when my life wasn't all screwed up; when I wasn't being harassed and treated like dirt each and everyday at school. It was the time when I met my first crush Justin Lee. Now, I can't describe how he looked like since I would sound creepy because we both met each other when we were 5 but I can tell you that he was the most kindest and gentlest person I've ever known and met. Right when we met, we just hit it off; he'd call me Charlie instead of Charlotte (because he though I was a boy when we met) and I'd tell him everything. I had totally fell in love with my best -and only- friend.

You're wondering why he was my only friend? Well if you had thick black glasses, crooked teeth that wouldn't even straighten even if I had braces, the fashion of an old lady, and pimples that erupted from your face like mole holes then you were automatically made to never have friends and called a nerd. Who knew right? Though even if I only had one friend I was alright because that one person was Justin Lee; the greatest person, inside and out. Soon as we moved into 7th grade, the highlight of my life disappeared into a crowd of popularity; he had left me for dead to go on and make new friends, forgetting all about his first friend. All about me.

I should have taken it as a sign to give up, why would a popular guy like Justin date a nerd like me? Why didn't I see that it was all going to end badly for me? Why? I thought that Justin was my friend, that he would see me as for me and not for my looks but for my personality. So I mustered all of my courage and strength and went to school, right before homeroom started I confessed to Justin that I had a crush on him; and what did he do? He laughed. He laughed right in my face. That caused the people around us (mostly popular people) circle around and ask what he was laughing about, they found out and laughed right with him too. I could remember the same feeling too, uneasiness, I felt like throwing up, the room started spinning.

"Look at Charlotte! She thinks she can get anyone she wants!"

"Who would ever want to date a dork like her?!"

"She's such a whore!"

"No, she's Charlotte the Harlot!"

And right then I finally got noticed by everyone; I was Charlotte the Harlot, even though I couldn't even date anyone, nonetheless have sex with them.

Everyday was like hell; my locker would be vandalized, people would shove me around, I would always 'accidentally' get bumped into and food would get onto my clothes, even this one time when my locker wasn't vandalized I opened it to find out that they stashed thousands of condoms in it and it'll always spill out, which would always draw attention to me. Soon after I found out that it was Aubree Cook who was behind the harassing and also the one to give me my nickname.

My parents finally couldn't take all the midnight crying and coming home to find their daughters' clothes either having dried food on them or not even coming home with the clothes on that they left in so we moved to Florida and changed our last names for a brand new start for the family but mostly me.

Ok, so I wouldn't say that I always had an anger issue. The only times I would get angry would be when  people call themselves Harry Potter fans when they didn't even read the books, and don't even get me started about people saying that Hunger Games movie is better than the book because it isn't!! Anyway, back to the point, I just couldn't take them anymore, I wanted revenge, I wanted all of them to get what they deserved, prove them wrong/ Put them through what they put me through each day in that hell hole. Once in California I changed everything about me, I straightened my teeth, begged my mom for contacts, washed my face 3 times each day, -and with the help of the crazy 'french' girl at my new school- she taught me how to put on makeup and how to dress everyday.

When I found out that we would be moving back to California and back to our old neighborhood and school district, I was ecstatic; I saw this as an opportunity to get revenge on my tormentors. Aubree Cook and -Ugh! I despise even saying his name!- Justin Lee.

I get it now. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

The End

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