I turned round and flung my arms around him, an act which took both him and me by surprise, he laughed in my ear. “Isabelle,” he murmured, “You saved my life,” he whispered.
“I am so pleased you are alive, do you bring any news?” I asked,
“No, I believe Alexander did not survive, but as I have no proof I will remain optimistic,” he tried to smile but failed, I kissed his chest,
“All will be resolved,” I promised.

“Hands up!” came a shout from behind us, William turned round, protecting me with his body. We both obeyed as a group of twenty men surrounded us, pointing guns at our heads,
“What do you want?” William asked,
“Slaves,” one man said simply, “And look, here you are! Perfect.” William paused for a moment,
“I will come with you, no fighting, but you leave the girl here,” he said,
“We want both of you, our men always need a woman’s company,”
“You will not lay a finger on her, you ungodly men!” he shouted, I grabbed a ball of his shirt and didn’t let go. The men all laughed,
“On with you,” said the man I presumed was the leader, the men in front of us cleared the way and the men behind pointed guns in out backs. We had little choice but to obey,
“I am so sorry Isabelle,” William whispered,
“It was not your doing, it is this men, they are vulgar!” I cried. We were led to a neighbouring beach, in the bay was a huge ship, I gasped thinking it was Neptune, alas it was not.
“Welcome aboard Nemesis,” the man said. I gulped, the ship was far out in the bay but I could clearly see the skull and cross bones, William did too, he stopped.
“Men, I beg of you, do not take on this innocent woman, I will do anything, but do not harm her,” my heart rate picked up for two reasons, their answer would be crucial but the fact that William was being possessive made me blush slightly.
“No, she’s coming. She won’t be doing hard labour like you sir, she’ll be every shipman’s company,”
“I hope you reach your own nemesis soon gentlemen,” William shouted as we were pushed off the rocks into the small rowing boat, three of the ugliest men got in with us and the leader and began to paddle towards the ship.

“Why are the others not coming with us?” William asked,
“They are merely our men on Gibraltar, they do not live aboard the ship,” said a man with few teeth. Another man with little hair and yellow teeth laughed along with another who’s skin was burnt red. We reached the ship and one man climbed aboard, William was made to follow, then it was my turn, I took hold of the rope and regretted wearing a dress on such an occasion. I managed best I could to climb up the rope with as much dignity as I could muster, on the deck were similarly revolting men, I cringed into William as they came towards us, looking us up and down.
“You sir with me,” said the man with yellow teeth,
“And you my lady, follow me,” said the leader, he had dark eyes and black hair which fell messily around his face.
“NO!” William roared, the man with yellow teeth punched William and he stumbled over,
“No!” I cried, “Do not harm him!” I begged.

“Come on Miss,” the man took my shoulder and steered me away from William; I couldn’t even turn to see him go. “In,” the man commanded, opening the door to the captain’s quarters. I staggered in and came face to face with the scariest man I had ever seen, he also had black eyes with deep black lashes, he had a beard and black curly hair. His eyes cut deep into mine; he could be quite handsome I thought, if it were not for his eyes.
“Get out my way woman!” he yelled, I ducked away from him, “Guy!” he shouted. The man who had just delivered me came running back, “Who is this?” he asked inclining his head towards me,
“A girl we found,” he said, “Thought you might like a bit’a company?” he smiled, the captain grabbed the man’s throat,
“Company?!” he yelled, “You disgust me Guy, get out of my sight!” he yelled. Guy fell on the floor and began gasping for air, the captain came back into his quarters and walked up to me,
“Isabelle.” I replied,
“Follow me Isabelle,” he said sternly, I obeyed. He led me into a study, maps were scattered everywhere an there was a large compass in the middle, “I’m on a mission,” he stated, “I want to find, Neptune,”
“The sea God?” I asked,
“No, dear girl,” he laughed to himself, “the great war battle ship!” he said. I nodded; I had heard of Neptune, it was the reason Father named our cruise boat after it. “You know it?” he asked,
“Yes sir, a great deal,”
“Good, then you can help me,” he stroked the side of my face, his hands lingering along my jaw line, “Let’s get started, my love,” he said his eyes widening.

The End

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