Someone was watching her. Isabelle could feel it, though she could not see anybody. A sudden gust of wind howled in the palm trees, and she jumped.  Overhead, a lone gull wheeled over the black swirling sea, at the bottom of which the wreckage of the Neptune surely lay.


The ship was destroyed, half the crew dead. The sadness of the loss came back to grasp her heart, and Isabelle forgot for a moment that she was being watched. It was too much to take in. Yes, she had been treated badly and unfairly on that ship, but it had been her way of life.

Isabelle was shivering. The cold of the sea had settled in her soaked clothes and hair and skin, and her teeth chattered together painfully. She stumbled as she tried to pull herself up, her feet bare, for her shoes had been lost at sea in the turmoil. The sand underfoot was gritty and sharp against her toes.

She stopped, frozen as a distant bird cawed rather loudly up ahead. Her relief was short-lived as the wind howled in the trees again.


There was a scuffling coming from behind her, the whip of branches and the sway of grass, something she was not used to hearing. Another crack resounded in the night. Isabelle froze. Footsteps.

Someone was coming for her.

Her mind raced through the possible options. Run, and seek a hiding place. Stay, and face her approacher. Stay, frozen in the same spot, and wait until whoever they were said something.

The footsteps shuffled nearer. Isabelle had no time to make up her mind. Her heart galloped in her cold-numbed chest. She forgot how to breathe.

"Isabelle? Isabelle, you're - you're alive!" cried a voice, shaking with fear, rigid with anxiety.

She knew that voice.



Author's Note: Okay, so, er....I don't know if this is any good, or if anyone here will like it, but I tried all the same. Lorna x

The End

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