Black NightMature

That night turmoil hit the ship, the waves were at rage and I could not sleep. A loud bang sounded and I sat up in bed, it sounded very similar to a gun shot, I got out of bed and stood in my cabin, listening. Another bang sounded and water began to seep under my door. Gathering my possessions I climbed aboard the deck and tried to find my Father,

“Father!” I cried, he was holding on the steering wheel and was trying to steer the ship to the east, I turned slowly to the west and my eyes took in, through the darkness a huge battle ship. It was not Napoleon’s shop, I was sure of that, I screamed as a canon was fired and our main sail collapsed onto the ship.

“Isabelle!” he called back over the rain, “Find safety!” he shouted. I looked around, the decks were full of sailors and guests, the ship swayed and I fell into the arms of a man.

“Isabelle,” William breathed, “I was searching for you,” he said,

“What is happening?” I asked rebalancing myself,

“We are under attack by Ashai, a Japanese battleship,”

“Why are they firing?”

“They have mistaken us for Napoleon’s ship,” he cried over the roar of the waves. He took hold of my hand and led me through the crowds of panicking seamen. We joined with Alexander, he took his brother’s shoulder,

“Brother, we must find safety,” he said as another canon was fired into the side of our ship, the ship swayed left but didn’t recover, we were unbalanced and men began to slide off the deck,

“Water must be seeping in below decks!” William cried,

“My tapestry!” I cried, my voice was lost over the roar of the waves, a rumble of thunder sounded in the black sky above.  I held onto the side of the ship, the waves crashing only meters from me, another canon sent the boat rocking; some more men fell off the deck into the thrashing sea.

“Don’t let go!” William roared. I obeyed willingly, I wanted to find my father but I knew if I let go of the railing I would be consumed into the ocean. I was now soaked to the bone and my hair clung to my face, I was shivering in my sleeping gown and I had attached my few possessions onto my back.

“What are we going to do?” Alexander asked William,

“I fear our lives are in great jeopardy,”

“I agree my brother,” The canons continued to fire, the waves continued to crash and the rain continues to pour, the battle ship towered above our ship and its sails were dark and its masts were tall. I was shaking with fear, I glanced back up at the great ship and through the rain I saw a canon point towards me, I began to shuffle away from William. I had twenty seconds before the canon ball reached me. William took my hand,

“Stay Isabelle,” he said, I screamed as he pulled me back, “It is not safe!” he growled. I looked up to see the canon ball hurtling towards us, I had little time to think and react. I let go of the railing and pulled both William and myself into the sea, I watched as the raging black waters came closer and then consumed us. I was pulled straight under the breath taken from my lungs, using all my strength I swam to the surface and took a breath, Neptune was in ruins, there was fire on deck and it had no sails.

“William!” I screamed as I was pulled back under by the pull of the current, when I resurfaced I was closer to the beach, this was my only chance of surviving, I began to swim. I swam and swam, hearing cries of men, the thunder in the sky and the crash of the canons. Finally my feet hit the sand and I crawled onto land, I collapsed a good distance from the sea and coughed up the water I had inhaled. I lay there for a long time, I heard Neptune crash into the waves and watched it being pulled under, I closed my eyes and prayed that I would find the strength to live as I fell asleep on the shore of the angry ocean.

I awoke in the early hours of the morning, the storm had subsided and the air was fresh and light, I managed to sit up. My lungs were raw and my whole body ached, I looked around the desolate beach, had I been the only one to survive? Had I killed William? Was my father alive? Was Alexander alive? I looked out to sea, there was no ship. Something black was floating a few yards out to sea, I stood slowly and walked to the edge, it was a human body. I swallowed back the bile in my mouth as I realised many had died last night and I was alone on this island. I turned to see palm trees on the edge of the beach and I made my way to the shade as the sun beat down on my back, sitting down in the shade the tears began to form in my eyes and I wept.

The End

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