The Life of the RichMature

I went back to my cabin and pulled out my formal gown, I smiled as I put it on, it still fitted. I placed on my necklace of pearls and my ring, tying my hair up in a bun I smiled at the end result. The gown I wore was emerald green and had intricate detail woven into the design, I slipped on my shoes and wrapped a blanket around me. I walked down through the ship to the dinning area, only the aristocratic could afford to dine here, I met William on the deck.

“You look lovely,” he said and kissed both my cheeks,

“Thank you,” I smiled blushing,

“My brother is on his way, shall we..?” he gestured for us to go in, we were seated and we waited for William’s brother. A handsome older man walked through the door, I stood up believing it to be his brother, William looked up and smiled,

“Isabelle, this is my brother Alexander,” he smiled,

“Good evening sir,” I said, he bowed to me,

“A very pleasant one at that,” he noted, we all took our seats,

“The beef looks good doesn’t it?” William said gazing at the menu, I looked down at the swirly writing, a waiter came over,

“Isabelle, what are you doing here?” asked Thomas, the waiter,

“I am dining with the Montagues tonight,” I replied, he winked,

“What would you like?” he asked the table,

“The beef, could I have it rare?” William asked,

“I’ll have the salmon and caviar,” Thomas said handing the menu to Thomas,

“May I have the plaice and the new potatoes please,” I asked,

“Of course Madam,” Thomas then brought us drinks and left. William engaged in conversation with Alexander, I smiled in the right places,

“What about you Isabelle? What brings you aboard this ship?”

“My Father captains the ship,” I explained, Alexander raised his eyebrow,

“So it is your Father and his crew after Napoleon’s ship.” He grinned,

“The King sent Father out here,” I replied, “the king wants the ship brought back to him, it is the only steam battleship in the world,”

“It is one of a kind,”

“Father does not want to capture it, he is acquainted with the captain of that ship, we are merely watching it at the moment,”

“We only signed up for a cruise,” William grinned,

“My brother lies,” Alexander laughed, “I am researching Neptune, the God of the sea, William just wanted to join me for the thrill,”

“I see, what have you found out in your research so far?” I asked,

“Not much,” Alexander drank some of his wine, “I will let you know when I do,” he said. At that moment our food arrived. After dining we retired to the lounge, the evening had been enjoyable but I did prefer to sit in my cabin and work on my tapestry of the sea, I had never really wanted to come on the ship’s voyages but after Mother had died I had little choice. I dreamed of living the lives the Montagues had in London, posh tea parties and elegant banquets, sitting in the lounge had given me a small taste of life for the aristocratic. That evening William walked me to my cabin and kissed me on the cheek,

“Goodnight,” he said quietly and left.

The End

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