I'm still not sure about this one. I've toyed with it and changed parts, but it's still not quite right. So, work in progress for now. Have a go at writing your own chapter :) i'm willing for it to go anywhere from here.x


The ship swayed silently in the black waters. We were anchored off the coast of Gibraltar, searching for Napoleon’s ships. It really did seem like the god of the sea was watching over us tonight. We had found a bay where we could see them but we were hidden by palms.

I felt a hand groping for my back. This was normal aboard Neptune. Being the only woman on board I was constantly grappling with a sailor trying to feel me up. I used to just shake them off but now I’ve learned that they just come back for more if you don’t teach them a lesson they’re not going to forget. Here we go again.

The End

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