Nemesis KissMature

In this modern world, instead of Cats VS Dogs, it has now progressed to a war - but with Wildcats VS Werewolves. Astrid Campbell, a full-blood Wildcat falls in love with her childhood friend, Blake Rivers who is a werewolf. Will they be parted? Will they manage to spare a kiss?

Chapter one

Throwing another pebble into the salty sea, I sighed, and watched the pebble dive into the water. It sunk with a plop. It was almost midnight, the crescent moon was etched into the sky, which was a shade of cobalt blue. The moon began rolling into the overcast clouds, as I smothered my delicate bones into a giant sweater that I was wearing. It was Blake's sweater, Blake Rivers. He was my bestest friend in the whole wide world. Turned out that a month ago, he had morphed into a werewolf, and was involved in an invasion of our temple, our place of worship, because werewolves didn't believe in our traditions and ways of life. I am now his nemesis, all because I inherited a gene from my family that turns me into a wildcat. Now our two different animals are at war, and no matter how much compassion I feel when I think about him, we can never be together. Just then, I heard a rhythm of feet crunching in the sand towards me. Slowly, I turned my head away from the sea. It was Blake. He offered me the palm of his hand. I declined, and turned away.

"You shouldn't have came." I said coldly.

"I couldn't stay away. The more weeks I spend, waiting for you, the more affection I feel for you." He sat beside me.

"This is dangerous, Blake. If we get caught, my father will kill you."

"We won't," He said firmly. "Time is so precious, don't spend it wrapped in your negativity."

"Don't try and manipulate me with your quotes. Those are just words to me." I snapped, and shoved his jumper into his stomach.

"Don't be like this, Astrid. I'm sorry. They forced me to. They would've starved me for weeks if I didn't obey. Please, Astrid, I had no choice."

I looked at the sorrow in his eyes. They were mint-green, half-covered by strands of mousy brown hair that fell down. He was right, of course he had no choice, but it'll never be the same. I whimpered. I cried. I screamed. He cradled me, drew his jumper and arms around me, wiping away my tears on his shirt.

"It's okay, it's okay Astrid." He whispered, in his soothing voice. Blake was the only person I cared for in the world. He was the only person who cared for me. When we were younger, it was so simple. We'd play until teatime, always making each smile and giggle. We'd share everything, sweets, toys, drink. We gradually got older, and more independant, but we'd still go out weekly to the town, pick up bargins in the local markets or sometimes, when it was dreary and grey outside, sink into the sofa and watch a movie with buttered popcorn and a variety of cheeses. Now all of that was being taken away, along with my treasured posessions that had to be moved somewhere safe, my extended family, who were slowly decreasing in size, getting brutally murdered by the werewolves. All I have is memories.

"Promise me something." I struggled to say, still sobbing.


"Promise me that you'll come back for me. Promise me you won't do anything stupid for anyone."

He attempted to speak, but nothing came out. Suddenly, I heard muttering nearby. We quickly scrambled off our feet.

"Someones coming. Astrid I have to go. I don't know if I'll be able to sneak out again, but try and sit here again." He began to sprint, but I grabbed his arm.

"Promise me, PROMISE ME."

Our eyes locked into place.

"I promise." He breathed. We leaned closer, closer, lost in each others porcelain faces. My lips puckered up. Footsteps.

"I have to go, I love you." And he went. I am alone now. All alone, trapped in my own nightmare with nothing to wake me.

The End

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