When he reached the apartment building, the tenants had gathered on the steps and were chatting busily about the explosion on Hunt St. He pulled out a newspaper and pretended to look concerned. Still, he smiled in spite of himself. Another headliner. As he continued his walk up the steps, a small chunk of brownstone hit the ground beside him. Then another. And another. Max looked up from his newspaper. There was a loud crack, like a gunshot.

            Max opened his mouth to scream.

            He never got the chance.

            There was a terrible *crunch* as the 2, 000 pound statue impacted Max’s body and drove him 2 feet into the concrete steps. For a moment there was silence. Sally clapped her hands over her mouth. The neighbor gaped stupidly. Somewhere off to the left, a woman screamed.

            For a while, the small crowd that had gathered surveyed the macabre spectacle, not at all comprehending the horrid irony of the inscription at the base of the statue.

Nemesis, Goddess of Revenge

The End

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