Neighbourly Concerns

Luck of a horseshoe is not always good luck.

Hubert Connors put horseshoes above all of his doors;

“It will certainly bring you luck,” the neighbour said;

Hubert awoke in a hospital bed;

One of the horseshoes had fallen on his head;


The neighbour told Hubert, “The horseshoes are all upside down, all the luck is pouring out.”

So, Hubert fixed the horseshoes, by turning them all about;

Then his barn burned down;

He went swimming and almost drowned;

He even caught the flu that wasn’t going around;


The neighbour gave an opinion -- again,“Horseshoes are better than lucky charms on a chain;

Horseshoes are better that any four leaf clovers;

The problem is that the nails just aren’t right;

The ones you used are much too tight,

The nails to use must be those for horse’s hooves.”


So, Hubert changed all the nails;

The next day his corn was all pelted by hail;

His cherry tree was blown down, by a sudden gale;


The neighbour had little to say by then;

It seemed like Hubert’s troubles had no end;


To make the luck work, was way too risky;

The next thing to happen, Hubert lost his cat ‘Frisky’;


By the end of the week, there were no crops to reap;

All he had left was one of his sheep;


This superstition hurt Hubert’s farm deeply;

The neighbour bought what was left of the farm, very cheaply.

The End

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