Negative Expression

You're walking down Main Street in your sleepy hometown. It's almost dusk, and you're heading home from work.

You notice that there's a new shop, which is interesting, so you pause. There's a colorful sign proclaiming, Mad Mystery! above the entrance. It looks like a junk shop, and you decide to go in. You can't resist looking, but you promise yourself you won't buy anything.

The door closes behind you with a strangely final click as you walk in. You stop short, fighting the urge to run. It was probably just the wind slamming the door.

The man behind the counter looks up and says, "Welcome, how may I help you?" All you can see are his eyes, which are orange. Where the white should be they're black, and where his pupil should be they're white. It looks like a negative photograph of blue eyes.

The End

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