Needle and Thread

A captive young child has but one job to earn her freedom. She must create the most beautiful dress in the kingdom for the princess. Can she please a spoiled princess and earn her freedom from a strict king?

Papa would always say, "Lura, keep your head held high and watch where you step. Never give up." That didn't mean much then. It still doesn't. As the caravan rolls in through the gateway of this kingdom, I can only wonder where my parents might be. I miss them so much. The men directing the horses are the same men that bound my hands. They are dirty and smell of sweat and liquor. They drink and laugh of their success in my capture as we make our way to the castle. Sorrow swells inside me much more than fear. I have heard servants whisper many stories about the treatment of stolen princesses. Horrible stories....I dare not think of them. The cart has stopped. I don't want those men to carry me again. Their foul odor makes my eyes water. But as a hand pulls back the cover of the cart, I know it is inevitable. "Come here little girl."

The End

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