Needing Redemption


            The colors of the night were not something he wasn’t familiar with.  He had often wandered around in the darkness, so the rustles of the trees no longer bothered him.  He had killed his fear of the darkness a long time ago for he needed the darkness; and in some sort of strange way he knew that the darkness needed him in return.  The darkness had its way of transforming him into something that wasn’t him.  Transforming him into something he did not want to be.  The temptation, however was too strong for him to resist.

            The darkness wouldn’t be the darkness without him.  Little children wouldn’t be afraid of the darkness if him and people like him didn’t exist within it.  The darkness was different for all men.   But his darkness was the ultimate darkness.  The quench for death and destruction.  The truth of mercy being nothing but weakness.  The desirable taste of murdered dreams and killed souls being just within his reach, tempting him to the point of no resistance.  He had the power.  He could kill dreams and destroy people with nothing more then a few words or a finger on a trigger.

            He stood within the cover of the trees, shivering slightly from the cold wind tearing through his whole body.  Although his shorts and t-shirt may not have been the best idea on this night, he didn’t regret his decision to wear them. His heart was as cold on this night as his body, and he found the coldness very fitting for his heart.  His face was covered in a black mask, with only enough space for the eyes to show through.  Then, withdrawing a small silvery dagger from his belt he walked away slowly, disappearing into the night.

The End

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