How to Find Love in Antartica

Firstly, one must first prepare for a venture to Antarctica.  Warm layers, several parkas, a team of sled dogs, and a highly advanced medical and weather staff should be easily obtainable, and rental rates for ice breaker ships and base-camp sites are fairly affordable.

Secondly, once you've made it to the Ice Continent, you must scout out the locals.  If you prefer the Antarctic summer, and Endless Shrimp happens to be your thing, your best bet is to look in the ocean.  At this point in the year, there is quite a mix of from which to choose.  One group of the population prefer shrimp over game, are excellent swimmers, and always dress tastefully.  If you do not mind traveling seventy miles on foot from season to season, and eating for months at a time, then this first example is perfect.

However, if constant access to the ocean is more suited to your taste, as is a diet of waterfowl or other game, it is suggested to look into the local seal and whale population.  While they can be quite aggressive, they can be quite endearing.

(Disclaimer: Ned's How-To Guide is not responsible for lost limbs due to seal attacks, angry scientists, and/or frostbite.  No weather balloons were harmed in the research and making of this How-To.)

The End

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