How To Be A Street Performer Fraud

Ask to do a vanishing trick with a large sum of money.

Claim that your hat is a magic wishing well.

Ask for a volunteer from the audience who can juggle and ride the unicycle.

Lip sync to the radio.

Don't say anything, they'll assume you're a mime, then speak and claim to be a magical talking mime.

Claim that you are a mind-reader. Then demonstrate on a 'volunteer' who also went to acting school.

Light yourself on fire and run around screaming. They'll think you're very talented.

Distract them with pretty colors and shiny objects.

Do card tricks with a few finely placed mirrors.

Use your giant knives and flaming torches to take your volunteers hostage. Then ask for a big ransom.

Do a mime act inside of a glass box...with a glass ladder...and a glass pole.

Use a unicycle with training wheels.

Use stilts that are actually bolted down.

Claim that you can do a back flip on a ten foot unicycle. Then show the audience that, unfortunately, the unicycle has a flat tire.

Put an actual rabbit in your top hat.

Claim that the seagulls or crows nearby are from your last act.

When a car goes by, move your hands as if you are pushing it down the street with your mental powers.

Run into a flock of birds and raise your arms in a motion to push the birds into flight. Cry out, "I command you to fly!"

Put money in one side of your magic box, and pull paper out of the other side. Ta da!

And finally, tap your heels twice and vanish down a man hole.

The End

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