How to Become a Celebrity

To get the necessary attention from the press

Everyone knows that the perfect way to set all's eye on you is to go to a crowded football game and streak across the field of one the year's most anticipated games.

Warning: you may be called a pervert, or ridiculed for the package that you may contain. *Packages may differ with sex (i.e. female or male), be psychologically prepared, fame has its downfalls.

To assure that you get the "right" kind of celebrity for your name

Be careful, your previous stunt might land you the wrong fame, you stud you, so make sure that you specify why you were running naked on national television. 

Now, if all fares well, then you will be getting non-stop phone calls! I promise you that after all the hate filled and sometimes stalkerish phone calls the real fame opportunities will introduce themselves! Take them with a fist of hope and always remember to ask what this job of fame requires you to do-- most important, you stud you.

Staying in the light of fame and being a life long celebrity

This part is not easy in the least bit. You may be required to do more national stunts so people do not forget your package-- er, what you bring for the world of entertainment.

Stay away from drugs, they are not good for your status, google Lindsay Lohan this may be a good example of how to NOT become a celebrity. Also, the use of drugs may lower your ability to act in front of thousands of people, beware.

And remember, in the words of the great Ben Parker, with great power comes great responsibility--so make sure to not overstreak yourself, maybe try something different, like make a movie on youtube or something.

~ problems solved ~

The End

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