Elijah is your average teenager. He is a senior in high school with a girlfriend and two best friends anyone could count on. Until one day, his car crashes and has a near-death experience with death, who happens to be his father. Soon he finds himself wrapped up in the never-ending conflict of good vs evil.

I was looking at Ragnorok, gasping for breath, my sword and knife at my side.

“You think that you can kill a demon, you Halfling?” he said, then he started to roar with laughter.

“Look!” his voiced boomed, “Even your 'father' couldn't touch me.”

I glanced over at my father, and saw him leaning against a pillar, trying to hold both halves of his body together.

“You see,” Ragnorok hissed at me, “you cannot stop me, or the release of Lucifer. You will die trying to stop me from taking one of the Seven Golden Trumpets. But what other better place to die than upon a holy altar.” he laughed again.

“You do know you won't get away from here.” I gasped at him. “The Guardian’s will stop you.”

“Oh...Wait, they will?” He seemed puzzled, “You don't seem to know nothing about the Necro squads, do you?”

“No,” I said, surprised that he would say something like that. “I'm still new at this.”

“Well, let me open your eyes a little,” Ragnorok said as he took several steps towards me and lowers himself into a crouch. “The Necro squads are the third powerful force in Heaven, while the Guardian’s are fourth.”

“Well,” I asked, “who’s the second?”

“Why, God's own personal servants, angels. And in first is...”

“Is God.” I finished for him.

“Correct, now what makes you think that the guards will be able to stop me?”

“Well...then...” I mulled over my next choices. “God will stop you!” I yelled.

“Go ahead, call out to him.” Ragnorok said.

I took a deep breath then yelled out loud, “GOD! HELP ME!”

Ragnorok just stood there looking around, then took his finger and started to rub it in his ear. He flicked earwax away. He glanced up, and then looked back at me and smirked.

“He's not coming.” He said.

“No, he is... he's got to be.” I said despair starting to well up in me.

“Would you like to know why he isn't coming?” Ragnorok asked.

“Why?” I said trying to hold back tears.

“Because you still have doubts, and you will always have doubts about the existence of God.”

“Fine then.” I said. “Then I have to take you out myself.”

“Bring your best effort.” he said.

I raised my weapons at him, and sprinted towards him. In that instant, my mind to playback the past year that I went through, from meeting my dad, to experiencing the new world, and how I got here. I let out a yell as I slashed my blades towards Ragnorok, and our blades clanged against each other, and sparks flew.

The End

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