Be Trusting Of Those Who Can't Be Trusted

Thoughts flicked across Sir Wayne’s face. Last year the Dark Lord destroyed and killed half his village. “How…” he mumbled, and I was sure he would disagree with my plan.”

 "There is a ... vagabond of such, who is trusting of me. Her real name is unknown, even to me. Put thy's village first and let her help us. "I pleaded with him, hoping he would trust me, the only lady in the realm who could properly weild a sword.

"Who...? By what is she known?" He demanded, raising his voice, forgetting we were only on the outskirts of the forest. His horse appeared then, a black beauty of a mare, looking slightly spooked.

I looked around, checking yet again that we were not being spied upon. "Wrathchild..." I spoke in little less than a whisper, lowering my head to face the ground. Her destructive tendencies had turned towards Wayne’s charges once too many for his liking.

"No... no!" He never did understand the aspect of trusting one miscreant in order to capture another. This made it certain he would throw my idea aside the moment I mentioned the other destructive being who might be able to help us.

The End

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