The Safest Hour Is Midnight

"My lord..." I quickly curtsied, for lack of a beter idea. "He has struck again!" I told the slightly bemused knight. “His Darkness is back!” That wiped the grim off his face.


“What?” He said in a hoarse whisper. I knew what had happened last time the Dark Lord – whose name was still completely unknown to us – had ‘visited’ Sir Wayne’s village. “That slaughtering pig has dared to show his ungrateful face again? The King will hear about this!” He turned hence to leave, before I grabbed his arm.


“No! The king would send out an army to seek him out, and what use would that do?” He opened his mouth to interupt me, so I carried on hastily. “It would send that sorcerer back into hiding only for him to come back even more powerful! He is problem enough after his current bout of attacks.”

The End

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