New Jersey

Inbetween his slaughtering sessions at night Terrence just stays in at day, messing with chemicals trying to make things that could be used to his advantage. He heard that Shift was coming to Las Vegas, his first impression of this was that Shift knew where he was, and was coming for him.

He also then found out that Shift was in New Jersey, and that he wasnt dead when Terrence left him to die.

He quickly made his way to the New Jersey cemetery knowing that Shift was obviously going to see his parents. Terrence knew Shifts parents, he also buried them. It was a dark day for even Terrence, to bury Shifts mother. Shifts father on the other hand, was almost like a arch enemy, not only did his father owe him alot of money, but was responsible for many things. Terrence believes, that a fathers sins passes down to his sons, and Shift being his only son, takes these sins.

When Shift got to New Jersey, Terrence watched, and then confronted. He didnt fight him, the sun was out and he does not fight well in daylight. So he summoned the entire cemetery. Seeing that Shift didnt seem to show signs of fatigue, Terrence decided to bring his parents back, giving them some 'quality time'.

Shift would not fight them back, he tried a few times, but he couldnt fight back.

But then all of Shifts friends came into the cemetery, knowing that he would be seen Terrence ran away, he knew that someone saw him but he was in the shadows so his facial features would remain hidden.

As he got back, he stayed in his morgue, continueing to make his army, he has almsot forsaken Las Vegas, giving Shift quite a surprise when he gets there.

Looking at his army, he decides that it still isnt enough, so he headed west of Las Vegas, and killed everyone in sight, even people just driving by on the roads he had to go by.

As the sun was going down he made his way back to Las Vegas, which was completly empty. He left his army behind and made his way to New Jersey, and noticed something on the way there.

He came across a convention, unvieling new defences in cities from the superhuman threat. It seemed to be some sort of robot, abit like a transformer but it could turn into a car, plane, boat and back to its original form.

When the meeting as over, he went inside and messed around with its settings and made it go beserk destroying the city. But it had a set patrol areaso id didnt go out on free roam killing everyone.

"Good luck getting past that one Frank..." Terrence whispered

The End

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