The morgue became a slaughterhouse, Terrence thought that now he was known throughout the military as a threat he decided that he should cause trouble in Vegas.
At day he was most vulnerable, he couldnt seem to last in sunlight, it was a weakness, a weakness he couldnt, no matter how hard he tried, reverse. But on that midnight he went out killing people, and bringing them back to the morgue for revival, but then he realized, he could set up a trap.
The military was soon outside of the graveyard, and he watched as they went into it. They were weary looking around in all directions, then Terrence lifted his hand, bringing the entire graveyard to life.
The soldiers were soon quickly surrounded and eradicated. then Terrence brought back alive any deaths, he enjoyed the fact that no matter how many times they die, he can bring them back alive. He cant bring them back only if the bodies are burnt or blown up, the army did neither and as he revived them their wounds quickly healed.

He set out at midnights to kill all the people he could, just so he could have power, an army of undead beings that would do his every wish. When he heard of a certain person known as 'Shift' apperently the strongest superhuman there is, he couldnt help but go to visit him.

Due to his amazing speed in the dark, he got to his location within minutes. Through the help of scouts, and tracked him down to the Alans Family Motel. Eventually after sending in hordes of minions, he saw an elephant charge out of the building. Turned into an eagle and flew into the air, Terrence jumped up and brought him back down in a clean punch. After Shift hit the floor, forming a giant crater he then realizes that he isnt the strong superhuman he was fabled to be, on that he just left leaving his minions to kill him.

The End

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