Dawn of Power

The captain went inside, and he saw the undertaker. Curious about why he's here he walks up to him.
"What are you doing here?" he asks "this is a military operation"
"I live here" replies the undertaker
"State your name" ordered the captain
"Terrence, Terrence Flatley" replied Terrence
"Well then... Terrence" whispered "GET OUT!"
"Careful..." chuckled Terrence "you could wake the dead" he got his blades out again, the captain had pure fear all over his face.
Terrence grabbed him by his neck, and picked him up and says "Call off this military investigation, or ill kill you and get it done either way suits me"
"Over my dead body..." choked the captain
"I was hoping you'd say that" laughed Terrence, he then stabbed the captain in the stomach.
After the captain dropped to the floor Terrence brought him back again.
"You know what you're doing" grinned Terrence
"Yes, sir" replied the captain in a monotone voice.
Within minutes all of the soldiers and tanks had left the morgue, left Las Vegas infact.

Meanwhile in the APC leaving Vegas...
"So there was nothing in there?" asks a soldier
"Nope, not a thing, just some lonely old man who lives there haha" the captain chuckles
they all laugh until the captain starts to choke, and then a spirit comes out of his mouth, and the captain lays on the floor dead.
"Holy hell, turn around we're goin' back!" shouts a soldier.

Back at the morgue...
Terrence could sense that the captain died... again.
"Ahhh hell" he whispers "ill be fine"
Moments later, the doors are kicked in, and a legion of soldier storm into the morgue.
With his shadow meld ability he hid in one of the shadowed corners.
"Search everywhere!" shouts the sargeant.
After that there was gunshots, The three soldier he brought back, before the sargeant were attacking, but they showed little resistance.
As they died the purple souls came out of them too.

"Where is that man..." whispered the sargeant
The midnight bell rang, and a smile covered Terrences face "Looking for me boys!" he shouted walking out of the shadows.
His arms turn into his soul blades, and he attacks.

The End

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