Necro Assassin

This story is about Necro Assassin, an undertaker in the town of Las Vegas, with the power to bring the dead alive. Every night he would stand atop his morgue and look out, passers-by keep seeing him, and eventually people got curious. But as people went to go see they never came back, and this brought military attention...

It was a dark and stormy night, rain was pounding heavily. As thunder struck you could see a figure. This was normal though, every day at midnight the same thing would happen again and again. It had never rained so many times in a row, let alone thundered, there was something happening.

 The figure was starting to appear in the papers, who was this figure? what did it want? It got so popular people were just dying to find out who this was. So they went to the graveyard. They never came back, and everyday people didnt come back, the storms grew stronger and stronger.

This got some military attention, and soon the entire graveyard wasnt allowed access, and patrols were all through the place. The storms had stopped, this made everyone confused, some soldier were sent into the morgue and there they found the undertaker. He had his back to them, and was experimenting with chemicals on a homemade chemistry set.

"Hands up" yelled a soldier. The undertaker smiled, put his hands up. As the soldiers got closer. the doors slammed shut and locked. "What the hell" said the soldier. The undertaker put his hands down, at that point his arms turned into shadows, black type mist. Then purple shining blades also appeared.

"Night time boys" he chuckled. He killed all the soldiers in the morgue.

"Wakey wakey" he said raising his hand slowly, and the bodies raised in time with his hand, they came back alive, as undead servants.
"Bring your captain here" he croaked.
"Sir yes sir!" exclaimed the soldier, and they stormed out the building.

At the camp outside of the morgue the captain was reading a book, and the soldier knocked and came in.
"Sir, all clear" said the soldier
"Good, investigate the lower floors" replied the captain
"But... sir" exclaimed the soldier "theres something you have to see"
The captain looked intrigued, he got up, and got his pistol. "Lets go"

The End

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