Imperial BusinessMature

                “So what is this I hear of King Cadmill the Fourteenth’s son running away?” the Hakian Emperor asked his herald commandingly. He didn’t really have that much of a commanding tone; with the Hakian Emperor the command was implied. The herald rushed into the Imperial Throne Room and knelt reverently before the Emperor before speaking.

“From what I’ve heard from our diplomat, he ran away after the goddess Itavera proclaimed that he would one day lick someone’s boots.”

“That had to hurt.” The Emperor laughed, his regal chortle echoing off the impressive curves of the distant ceiling.


  “Anyways, the next day he was gone. He left a note denouncing the gods and everything, real brutal stuff. And he took a good bit of coin, several ancient books from the Royal library, and the royal heirloom, Cadmill’s Spear. The King’s real upset. He’s ordered a full sweep of the entire Kingdom and surrounding subsidiary regencies.”

           The Emperor stood from his throne. He never felt content while sitting on his throne; there was too much to do. “Send a letter of consolation to the King, and assure him that we will be keeping an eye out for his son. And send for General Hostilius, tell him to meet me in the war-room. The Beyond isn’t going to colonize itself.”

“Right away, your Highness.”

The End

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