The Knight of Undiscovered AllegianceMature

       Nobody really wanted to venture out into the gloomy, smoky, hostile village outside and so the group decided to remain in the warm refuge of the inn.

“I once killed a dragon,” slurred a Hakian soldier proudly to La, putting his arm around her boldly. La smacked him away. “Dragons are a myth you idiot.”

“Hey. Hey! I am a general, I’ll have you kno- Ow!” La gave the man a nasty electric shock, making him practically fall backwards.

“That’ll be a little stronger and better-placed if you don’t go away right now.” La hissed at the soldier. He complied quickly, stumbling back to his comrades near the fire.

“Oh-ho! Adventurer!”

“Oh shit, what now?” La sighed enormously as the lone adventurer on the far side of the table waved energetically at her.

“Well at least he seems friendly.” Raul said as he joined her at the table. He thumped a book of sorcery and idly flipped some of the pages.

 “I shall join you in sitting merrily at thine table!” The jolly voice boomed. The figure jogged energetically toward them.

“Looks like a warrior of some sort. Weird looking armor though.” Raul said wearily.

      The warrior came to a sudden stop in front of them and plunked his drink heavily down on the table. The warrior wore a suit of bannered armor with a strange, bucket-shaped helm. The helm had slits resembling a cross shape to facilitate breathing and seeing, but was pockmarked with several deep depressions where something frightening had caved it in. It was a miracle the one wearing it was still alive. The tattered and gold-dyed banner hanging from his chest was once proudly emblazoned with the crest of someone or thing, but had been long faded away by time.

“I greet you well, friends and fellow adventurers,” he said, his voice muffled and far away behind the slits in his bucket-shaped helm, “Perhaps we have not met before.” The last statement was made uncertainly, almost a question.

“No,” La answered reassuringly, “We haven’t met before.”

“Well then, I am the Knight of Undiscovered Allegiance.” He said matter-of-factly. 

“That’s some name you’ve got there.” Raul commented sarcastically, “I’m Raul, and-“

La interrupted, irritated. “and I’m La, the leader of this group. It’s got me, Raul, and uh…” she stood and surveyed the room for the rest of her group. Oocus was talking with the innkeeper, and the Candy Knight had retreated to one of their rented rooms after one of the Beyond men tried to eat his candy plate armor.

“Well, they’re around here somewhere. Nice to meet you, Mr. Knight of Undiscovered Allegiance.”

“It appears we are now officially well-met then!” the Knight of Undiscovered Allegiance said assertively. He tipped his tankard of Beyond ale towards his helm, letting the drink slosh in through the helm’s slits and pour generously down his armor. He shuddered.

“Tastes like dust!” he laughed. La and Raul stared at him in unconcealed disbelief. Oblivious to their expressions, the Knight of Undiscovered Allegiance carried on. “Unfortunately it is necessary that I continue onward, friends.” He stood up suddenly.

“You’re leaving? Now?” La frowned, “are you not going to sleep here? It’s already night outside.”

         The Knight of Undiscovered Allegiance shook his head. “I do not partake in sleep often. I find the process to be dreary, just lying there for hours with mine eyes closed. I honestly do not understand why so many do it.” He laughed again. “But perhaps I will meet you again someday, friends. However for now I am afraid that I need to get back to searching.” The Knight of Undiscovered Allegiance left, his frayed golden garb wistfully fluttering as it disappeared out the door.

“Weird guy.” Raul commented.

“Yeah. No kidding.” La snorted.

“I wonder what he’s searching for?”

The End

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