A DrelyphMature

                “What is that thing?” asked Raul nervously, peering from behind a large outcropping of rock.

“How am I supposed to know?” La whispered back nervously, pulling him back and taking a look herself. At the bottom of the hill prowled a blood-red lizard with large swathes of thin, folded up wings lined up along an exposed spine terminating at its two heads.

“It’s a Drelyph.” stated Oocus suddenly. Everyone in the group looked at him. He shrugged.

“Well don’t stop talking now Oocus, do you know anything more about it?” La asked encouragingly.

“A creature born from the blood of a crocodile spilled onto the earth under the light of a solar eclipse, according to the legends. It has very acute hearing.” He fell silent again, pulling his duster up to his nose.

“I can quietly approach and club it on the head. Heads.” The Candy Knight suggested helpfully in La’s ear. He had to stoop down low to keep his large form hidden by the rock they were hiding behind.

“I was thinking we just wait for it to go away.” Raul offered.

“Executive decision,” La whispered, “we wait for it to go aw-“

          With an ear-splitting screech the creature was upon them; talons clacking upon rock, ten papery wings powering through the air, two sets of jaws snapping viciously mere Hakinches away from the Candy Knight’s head. The rest of the group scattered; the Candy Knight reeled backwards and swung his weapon forward to expertly connect with one of the monster’s scaled heads.

           Another infuriated screech and the creature took off into the air, one head hanging limply from its body, bright silvery blood spattering outwards wildly from its wound. Its barbed tail sliced and churned the ground below, carving deep gashes into the earth. The Candy Knight growled fiercely as the monster’s tail slammed into the side of his helm, making it oscillate painfully on his head. He teetered dangerously around before charging haphazardly at the monster again.

        The rest of the group watched, amazed, as the Knight wrestled with the beast for several minutes.

“Should we help him?” La wandered out loud.

“I think… yes, he’s got this. Ooh or not. That has to hurt.”

“Oh. No. He did it- see now he’s going in for the kill,” La commented appreciatively. The Candy Knight smashed his boot down over the Drelyph’s remaining head, cracking its skull in and sending a torrent of silvery blood splashing outwards.

“Holy Venivius,” Raul exclaimed softly, watching the Knight gingerly remove his foot from the mess, “that is a professional. That thing would have torn us amateurs to pieces.”

The Candy Knight picked up his silver-stained weapon and looked up toward La as she jogged over to him. “Great job, Candy Knight!” she said approvingly, slapping him on the back, “how’re ya holding up?”

“Well. I do have quite the headache.” he said eventually, seeming quite unconcerned.

The End

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