Nearly LegendaryMature

For the most part, this story follows the deeds of three fortune-seeking adventurers and their journey through the Beyond.

“Dammit.”  La sighed angrily into the stuffy afternoon air, studying the passing crowd with mounting frustration. Next to her, Raul glumly looked up at the tall, stone stretch of the Wall towering above where they were sitting at its base. Oocus mutely pulled at a clump of grass near his feet.

“None of these damn club-wielding, sword swinging meatheads will accept a girl as a leader, huh?” La muttered to herself through clenched teeth, tossing her staff between her hands.

 “We need a Dirian swordsman, that’s what we need,” Raul exclaimed, squinting his eyes at the string of warriors shuffling by, “They don’t make such distinctions.”

“I don’t think they hold this kind of work as honorable enough to partake in,” La said resentfully, “They’d much rather make war between their own clans.”

A huge brute of a man stopped before them, undisturbed by the various people colliding into him. He eyed the scrawny form of Raul and the absent-minded gaze of Oocus at his feet.

“This group still recruiting?”

“Yea, we’re accepting some hired muscle. A 20% cut of the loot, bring food provisions for a week.” La stated hopefully. The man grunted and shambled away. La clenched her fists.

“This is ridiculous, I am the Fifth Retainer of the Lightning Spirit Tchershish, daughter of Ert the Thunder-Voiced, who was in turn son of a First Retainer of Tchershish, who once in a fit of rage was said to have...” She continued on for some time, smoldering in the shade of the Wall amidst a bustling crowd of all types of ambitious souls.

“…and his staff was taken from the same tree as my staff, a good strong-“

“La, shut up, something’s happening.” Raul interrupted and craned his neck upwards, following the gaze of the crowd around him, towards the Gate.

A gradual disturbance rippled through the sea of adventurers, leather boots scuffled and shoulders jostled each other in an attempt to find the source of the commotion.  La got up and elbowed her way through the crowd, transferring a nasty static shock to those who refused to budge. A nervous Raul and Oocus following close behind. Finally, they emerged at the front of the crowd, staring at a clearing made around the official gate of the Wall, lined with the usual frightening guards wearing the colors of the Hak State.

 In addition to the guards stood a large, plate-armored warrior. Dark and unrevealing eye-slits boring downward at the world below, the figure was intimidating in every way but its color scheme, its thick armor plates being a patch-work of bright bubblegum pink and faded purple in different places. Gripped strongly in the creature’s gauntleted hands was a long, metal pole similar to the staves La had seen wielded by some warriors in the area, except this weapon ended in a thick edged disk seemingly made from the same pinkish metal of its wielders armor. To La it looked almost like… a huge lollipop.

“Well I’ll be strapped to the Celestial Tree and scorched by Tchershish’s lightning, that’s one of those candy folk.”

The End

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