The stale and malodorous wave of air sweeping past as though waiting centuries to escape, rushing into the freshness, submission to something purer, the price of release,

Remnants chased away by the sweet air, the fresh scented breath reviving chilldhood memories, venturing further to stand immobile as if in awe,

Memories flooding back, he aproached his domain..

As if the key were in a void, an empty space that offered no resistence, turning effortlessly and uselessly. Staring as if to reveal the problem, heat ran through the warm metal into his fingers,

The bit caught, the catch clicked, the door opened..

Sometimes, pulling away to look at her face for extrareassurance, her soft features rendered by the candlelight, burning through the night. He would catch that uncertain knowing look in her eyes, light blue, sparkling with wonder, asif secretely aware of the sounds cause, amusing her,

Never warming to the crow, "Devil, Devil, I defy thee"

But this time, mindfull of dizziness before, he did not allow such tumbling thoughts to occupy, he confined them to distant quarters. Biting on his lower lip, he called out as he stepped through into the octagnal-shaped room..

..and the sounds outside ceased.


The End

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