Ch. 7 ChaseMature

The surreal vision vanished and reality took back over.  Once again, we were back in the slaughterhouse that once was our school.  A demented angel stood before us, mace in hand, cackling laughter from him and manic shrieking from the abominations tormented my ears.

"Mother," Kristina shouted, "what do we do?"

As if she had yelled an enchantment, objects began materializing into our hands.  Ice cold daggers appeared in my hands along with a fashionable belt to carry them with, so I'm content.

In Alex's hands appeared a shield, half the length of his body, and a long blade that glowed orange with heat and poured out steam.

Before moments notice, the feathered fiend charged at Kenzie, his large mace crashed through the air upon her.  I closed my eyes, not wanting to see my friend die again, but instead of hearing her body collapse I heard a loud thud.  When I opened my eyes, to my amazement, Alex stood in front of Kenzie with his shield thrusted above his head.  Veins pushed against his skin and his muscled bulged.  Resting on top of the shield was the beast's weapon.  

Almost simultaneously, a barbed arrow whistled through the air and implanted itself into the shoulder of the angel.  Golden liquid oozed from the wound, coating his clothing with a layer of bright slime.  

"Oh shit," slipped out of my mouth as I turned to see the owner of the arrow.

Kristina stood firm, a bow extended from her arm.  She looked breathtaking, ivory vines ensnared the wooden bow like a snake and wrapped around her wrist, similar to bracelets.  A lotus flower sprouted from the top of her bow and matched one that was placed in her hair.  She was the embodiment of beauty.

I turned back to the beast whose focus was still fixed on Alex.  I looked at the sharp blades of metal in my hand and instinctively knew what to to, as if it was innate behavior.  I ran towards the arm that challenged Alex and slid beneath it, arm extended towards the heavens.  Gold blood showered to the floor as my dagger sliced through the flesh on the beast's wrist.

The angel yelped in pain while pulling his injured arm back to his body, freeing Alex from his confinement.  

"You harness the power of the seasons, release havoc on the monsters that invaded your homes, killed your friends and family, and stole your lives," Mother Nature's voice echoed through the gymnasium.

At that moment, I saw a part of Kenzie I didn't know existed; the fragile framed, pale girl I once new vanished.  Dark energy radiated from her body, in her hand was curved metal, a dual ended scythe, Grim Reaper version 2.o.  She rushed towards our angel friend, twirling scythe in one hand and a mass of dark energy in the other.  Deep wounds were gouged into his right leg by her scythe, but that wasn't all she did.  The dark energy in her hand collided into his left knee; it was absorbed.  Within seconds the leg began decaying and falling apart, rotten.

He groaned in pain as he fell to his knee, the only one he had left.  His mace swung through the air violently, wanting to strike anything nearby, but we weren't within distance.

Onto Kristina's bow notched a final arrow, the tip diffracting light.  It cut through the arrow until it reached wall of flesh and bone, puncturing a hole into his skull.  The massive enemy fell to the ground, no longer moving.  Nothing magical happened, it didn't dissolve into the ground or ascend back to heaven, it just laid dead on a gymnasium floor.

"Congratulations, you killed mankind's first angel," Mother's voice shouted happily.

The End

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