Ch. 6 KristinaMature

A light shimmered in the distance, slowly growing in size, as if I was running towards it.  It felt warm in soothing on my skin, almost welcoming.  Soon the light consumed my field of vision, until there was nothing left except for this bright, beautiful light.

"Am I dead," I thought out loud, not expecting any kind of response.

"Not quite, but you should be." A familiar voice responded.

"Who said that?"

The light danced backwards, no longer engulfing my vision.  "Why, silly girl, it was me."

Suddenly the light shot up, and as it ascended darkness claimed my eyesight once again, but almost as quickly as the light faded, the entire room began illuminating.  Standing next to me were Alex Rodriquez, Chase Quinn, and Kenzie Brooks, but in front of us stood a woman who I did not recognize.

Her long hair stretched down to her waist, it was the color of earth, but highlighted with streaks of gray.  Her skin was free of imperfections, but was aged with distinguished laugh lines and perhaps wrinkles induced by stress.  Her eyes were a vibrant green, similar to what you would find on the leaves of a healthy plant.  Most interesting was her clothing, a long dress put together by the pelts of animals: fox, wolf, bear, and others I didn't recognize, but the creatures still moved, as if they were alive.

I watched as the eyes of my companions opened, one by one, and focused on the stranger in front of us.  I could sense the fear in Chase's expression, his lips pursed and he swallowed hard.

The woman flashed us with a hospitable smile and greeted us to her domain.  We just stood where we were, perplexed and bewildered.

"Don't panic, don't panic!" She shouted.  "You're not dead yet, Mother didn't let them take you," she continued.  I'm assuming she acknowledged the fear and confusion in her eyes, and frankly, she didn't help with that statement.

"What do you mean by 'you're not dead yet'?" Kenzie nervously questioned.

"Well, you should be dead, but I caught you just in time.  I guess I have a little, well, a lot of explaining to do."  The woman stated, with her sweet, rasped voice.  "Heaven and Hell are putting an end to their eternal war, and they chose our world as their war zone." She continued, in a more serious tone.

"So those things at our school..." Chase started to say.

"Yes, the being that attacked you was an angel, and the nasty, bloodthirsty creatures were few of many demons from hell."  She interrupted.  "Human lives are what have been fueling this ancient war.  To angels or demons you become when you die, but if you're killed by one you go POOF!  And cease to exist."

"You said you caught us, saved us.  How, and why?" I prodded, needing to know the answer.  Wanting to understand what in hell happened to us.

"Oh no!  I never introduced myself!  I guess better late then never.  Hello children, you may have heard of me in myths and fairy tales, but certainly you didn't believe them.  I am Mother Nature, the guardian of your world and life."

Initially, the four of us just stared at her in disbelief, but under the circumstances we were in, we had no reason to doubt her.

"You were killed by that angel, but I was able to capture your spirit and keep you in existence.  Unfortunately, I'm not able to do that for anymore lives, it took too much of a toll on my life force.  Through this war, both sides intend to wipe Earth of life, a mass extinction.  When life ceases to exist, so do I.  This is why I need help, from you four."

"Wait, what?  How do you expect us to help with a war?"  Alex blurted out.

Mother Nature winked as she said, "I've got a few tricks up my sleeve."

She went on and explained how most spiritual power is controlled by the warring factions, and how her power has seemingly been forgotten over the years.

"The seasons?" Alex questioned.

"Precisely," she responded, "the spiritual essence of the four seasons has remained my little secret for many, many millennia."

And with that statement, four orbs of light appeared before us.  A red orb for Alex, a green orb hovered in front of me, in front of Chase was a bright blue light, and Kendra's light was violet.

"Spirits of Earth and life, I ask for your energy in delivering a splendid nature's blessing.  Empower them with the force of the seasons; new protectors of life."  

As the words left her lips, the orbs danced in the air before passing through our bodies and vanishing.  An instant rush of power traveled through my limbs, the color of the orbs glowed in our eyes.  

"Good luck my saviors," she whispered as she waved good bye.

The smell of death and blood returned to my senses, and the sight of the gymnasium returned to my eyes.  Standing before us was the same angel that thought he could kill us.  A smirk appeared on his lips as we rose from our previously slain bodies. 

The End

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