Ch. 5 AlexMature

"What the hell is going on," I hear Kristina's voice echo from behind me.

The walls of our yellow school are now painted red.  So many dead; no, slaughtered.  I can no longer put names to the faces of people I once considered friends, they no longer resembled human bodies.

I noticed two figures running towards me, slipping on the coagulating blood.  The boy had stylized, blonde hair.  He wore tight fitting designer jeans, splattered red, and his shirt was a vibrant colored v-neck.  His skin was beautiful, clear of imperfections and glowed bronze with a tan.

His companion was petite, maybe only five feet tall.  Her hair countered his as black, shining with bright pink and blue.  Her skin was pale and her clothes dark.  Red and black bracelets dangled from her small wrists as their arms moved with their legs.

Before I knew it, they stood before me panting.  It took me a moment to remember their names: Chase and Kenzie.  I heard a rumor of Chase having a crush on me, but I dismissed it for the time being, we had more important matters to worry about.

"Alex, Kristina," Chase ushered out in a stressed voice, "What do we do?"

"How the hell should I know," I shoot back, perhaps more aggressively than I intended.  "Sorry, Chase.  I didn't mean to sound rude."

He just nodded his head at me while Kenzie spoke up, "Obviously, we need to get out of the building.  The nearest exit is through the gymnasium, so we should head there."

Every step we took was in caution, careful to not make noise.  The sharp shrieking of the mangled creatures tormented our ears.  Occasionally we would spot golden and white feathers laying on the blood soaked tiles.  

Kristina peered around the door frame of the gymnasium and quickly motioned us through.  We sprinted to the exit doors and Kristina blurted out, "What the..."  The large, steel doors were melted shut, as if someone has welded us in.

A wicked snicker rang in our ears, the owner of the laugh was standing a short distance behind us.  We turn and set our eyes on a tall, golden figure, his large wings hung at draped to the waxed floor.  Before we knew it, he was upon us.

I watched with watery eyes as he struck down Kristina, Chase, and Kendra with an enormous silver axe.  I through up my arms in defense, unable to protect myself.  His mace crashed down upon my head, my vision went blank.

The End

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