Ch. 4 ChaseMature

I stuff the last textbook into my backpack and slam my locker door to see Alex Rodriquez standing there, looking at me with a smile.  My cheeks flush red as I blush and a flash and awkward smile at him a wave.  He slings his back pack to the ground and walks over to me; I look everywhere else except at him.  

"Hey there, Chase.  Do you have any plans for Friday night?" he asks me.

I shrug my shoulders as I utter out the words, "No, I don't think so."

"Good, well how about a movie with me.  Call it a date."

And then, to my misfortune, my attention was snapped out of my day dream as my final, final exam was administered.  My hand instinctively jotted the strange symbols that spelled my name.  My eyes raced to the first question and instantly I knew the answer.  Math is one of those subjects where either you get it or you don't, and I got it, but, regardless, math is always boring.  About halfway through the exam, I started debating on if it would be that bad of an idea to just fill in 'C' for the rest of my responses.  The devil on my left coerced me to do it while the angel on my right convinced me otherwise; this time, I listened to the angel.

I had about three questions remaining when I heard a sharp scream from outside the building.  The light raining from the sky intensified, and dark ominous clouds approached in the distance.  With every second that ticked by, the air became harder to breath.  The ground began to shake, and a look of panic came over everybody in the room.

"Since when do we have earthquakes in Michigan," our proctor questioned.

The door flew off it's hinges and struck our proctor on the head.  He instantly crumbled to the ground, blood filling the space around his body, his eyes not moving.  Deafening screams erupted from the room, enough to rupture a canine's ear drum.  Kenzie shoots me a panicked look while one students rushes to our proctor's side in the effort of helping him.

A horrific shriek entered from the entrance the door used to guard.  A creature crawled through the opening.  It's body is hard to describe, similar to the scene you'd see if a bus had a fatal crash.  It was an abomination, mangled bodies spilled out from every direction of it:  a leg outstretched from it's back, a head on it's side twitched, several hands extended from all sides.

The creature tackled the student and started attacking him, quickly ripping him to shreds.  Tears flooded our eyes, but we didn't even have the chance to cry.  Before moments notice a mass crashed through the glistening glass of the window.  It radiated gold light and rose to the height of a basketball basket.

A pack of students sprinted to the exit, which was also the entrance that the abomination tore through.  Kenzie and I were in the middle, and luckily we were.  The golden figure raced towards the abomination, striking down some students in front of us.  We made it out of the room first, blood covered our shoes.

We look down the hall and see another fleshy abomination, feasting on the corpses of several students and teachers.  In the other direction I see Alex Rodriquez, I don't know what would be scarier, running towards the creature or my biggest crush.  I decided to run towards my biggest crush.

The End

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