Ch. 3 KristinaMature

"Three more days until we are officially graduates," I hear Alex Rodriguez say to his football buddies several steps behind me.  At the same time, I hear an obnoxious whistle directed towards me, instinctively I pull down my skirt in order to cover more of my body.

I must admit, I am excited to be graduating so soon.  To be able to hold my diploma in my hand and see my name, Kristina Applegate, written in black and white will complete one of my life goals.

"Hey Kristina, how's your solo for flag corps coming along?" a classmate asks.

"It's coming," I respond with a shrunken face, "it's just a little stressful on top of everything we have going on before graduation."

"Well I'm sure you'll do great," she replies with a smile, "I think it's incredible that you got a scholarship at Michigan State for that."

"Thanks," was all I had time to whisper back before Mrs. Renshaw began lecturing.

Chemistry is definitely one of my favorite subjects; I find it to be wildly interesting and strangely relaxing.  It's something that just comes to me naturally, just like the rest of my science courses.  Now math, that's a story I don't even want to start.  Just who the hell decided to mix the alphabet with numbers?

I plan to go to school to study biochemistry; I want to understand the natural world at it's most basic level.  Not very many people know that I actually do care about my studies and desire to learn; everyone looks at me like I'm a vapid airhead just because I dress nice and take care of my looks.  They judge me like the cover of the National Enquirer rather than understanding who I am inside.

The End

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