Ch: 1 AlexMature

Three worlds clash as heaven and hell choose Earth as their war zone. Demons and angels run rampant, destroying everything in site. Buildings are left as dust, debris is scattered where homes once stood, and life may very well go extinct. Can four young adults return balance with nature's blessing?

The first few chapters are a slight introduction to the main characters. Trust me, action picks up and adventure unfolds.

WARNING: Violence/Profanity

Times New Roman script danced across the screen as I finished my last college application.  My senior year was nearing its climax and it seems like life had just began.  I've been scouted by many college teams as a result of my stellar performance as a running back, but I don't want to play football for the remainder of my life, I want to make a difference in the world.

Finally, after reading my admittance essays a thousand times, I click the blue rectangle that reads "Submit."  My heart pounds as I think about what my future may hold at the University of Michigan.

"Dinner is ready!" my mom belts from downstairs.

"You ready to kick some ass at tomorrow's game?" my dad inquires enthusiastically across the dinner table.  He has always been the one who pushed me to be athletic, to live vicariously through me.

"Sure, dad"  I reply, uninterested in the topic.  

I stare at the delicious plate set in front of me; sometimes I swear my mother must have went to culinary school.  A thick, juicy steak laid next to a neat pile of bright green lettuce that was tossed with a variety of vegetable and drizzled with a creamy, red vinaigrette. 

Thankfully, the night didn't drag on after dinner, and before I knew it I was in bed.  I scrolled through my social media page as the minute hand on my clock ticked by.  Two more weeks until I graduated, two more weeks until I'm free.

The End

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