Natural Unnatural: Part Seven

After Michael and Clover had left the kitchen, Annabelle turned to Daniel. "Are you hungry too?"
Daniel shrugged. "A bit. But I'm not biting you."
Annabelle was slightly hurt. "Why not?"
Daniel smiled and looked into her eyes. "Because I almost couldn't resist changing you yesterday. I don't want to change you yet. Your family needs you the way you are, human."
Annabelle looked down. "But you're my vampire. I want to do something for you."
Daniel sat down and pulled Annabelle into his lap. "Anna, you won't give up, will you?"
She shook her head defiantly.
Daniel smiled and pulled her hair away from her neck. "Fine. But I'm not taking enough to hurt you."
Annabelle nodded. Daniel intertwined his fingers in her brown hair and gently pulled her head back, exposing her throat. Annabelle closed her eyes as Daniel started tracing patterns on her throat. Daniel leaned down. Annabelle could feel his cool breath against her skin. Daniel pressed his open mouth against her throat. His fangs grazed her skin. Daniel was hesitant to bite her. Annabelle reached up and pressed her hand against the back of his head. Daniel's fangs pressed against her skin, breaking through her flesh. Annabelle's warm blood flowed into his mouth, feeding him. After a minute, Daniel pulled away. He licked the bite once with his rough tongue to help it heal quicker.
Daniel put his hand behind her head and lifted it up. "Thank you, Anna. You feel better now?"
Annabelle nodded weakly. "I'm just a little dizzy, that's all."
Daniel smiled. "That's good. I'd be worried if you weren't."
Annabelle smiled and wrapped her arms around Daniel's neck. He leaned down and brushed his lips across hers before Michael and Clover walked in.
Michael sat down and pulled Clover into his lap. "So what are we doing today?"
Clover looked at Anaabelle. "Don't we have to clean up the mattresses and blankets?"
Annabelle nodded. "Then we could go swimming."
Daniel took Annabelle's arms off his neck. "Michael and I will clean up the beds. You two go get ready to swim."
Annabelle slid out of Daniel's lap and walked back to her bedroom with Clover. Annabelle put on her pink, orange and black tankini top with black bottoms. Clover decided to wear her black bikini with colorful designs on the top and the belt on the bottoms. Both girls fixed their hair, then looked in the mirror. Satisfied, they walked back down the hall to their vampire. They walked to the living room to see the boys sitting on the couch in their shorts, shirtless. Annabelle and Clover's jaw dropped at the sight of Michael and Daniel. They guys turned around and saw their faces and started laughing. Annabelle and Clover looked down and blushed. Michael walked over and reached for Clover's hand. Daniel walked over, kissed Annabelle’s blushing cheeks and walked out the back door to the pool. They walked down the deck and were walking around the pool to the deep end. Annabelle looked back at Clover and winked. At that moment, both girls pushed their guy into the water and started laughing.
 “I thought you guys would have seen that coming,” Clover managed to get out between laughs. Both girls were looked at their wet vampire in the pool, looking a little stunned, and laughed. Daniel and Michael looked at each other.  Then before the girls could blink, they jumped out of the water, grabbed their girl and jumped back in the pool. Annabelle and Clover swam back to the surface and looked at each other with shock covering their face. Michael and Daniel laughed at their faces.  Clover splashed Michael in the face. Annabelle swam over to Daniel and pushed him under the water. Daniel went under and pulled Annabelle down with him. He swam up till they were face to face.  Daniel looked Annabelle in the eyes. He gently moved a piece of hair from her face and slid his hand down till he was cupping her face. Annabelle wrapped both her arms around his neck, pulling them closer together. Daniel slid his hands around her waist to the small of her back. Chills ran up Annabelle’s back as Daniel leaned in and kissed her, and began breathing for her.  Annabelle closed her eyes. He tasted like a sweet honey suckle on a warm spring day.  Daniel ran his hands up her back pulling them into a closer embrace. Annabelle slid her hand down and traced the planes of his chest with her fingers.  He shivered and pushed her back into the corner of the pool. Daniel ran his fingers up her neck and entangled his fingers in her hair and brought her closer, bringing them deeper into the kiss. Annabelle touched the tip of Daniel's fang with her tongue and he hissed with pleasure. Daniel slid his hand down her back and around her waist then down her thigh. He stopped at her knee and wrapped his hand around her leg, then hooked it around his waist. Annabelle wrapped her leg around him tightly, not wanting to let him go and realizing she could trust him and free fall into love without the fear of being hurt. Daniel pulled back and looked Annabelle in the eyes. They smiled, kissed one more time and floated back to the surface.
“Annabelle and Daniel sitting in tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G,” Clover and Michael sang when Daniel and Annabelle broke the surface.  Daniel and Annabelle looked at each other began kissing and floated back down under water. Annabelle and Daniel laughed when they heard Clover and Michael stop singing and give up.  Michael and Clover climbed out of the pool and sat down in the grass under a big tree and began to dry off. Right as they sat down, Michael heard Annabelle’s mom’s car coming down the road.
He jumped up. “Clover! Her mom is here!"

The End

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