Natural Unnatural: Part Six

"So, what's your middle and last name?" Annabelle asked while Daniel spun them around to the beat of her heart.
"My full name is Daniel Ryan Hart, Yours?"
"Anabelle Elizabeth Kinsely. Your turn." Annabelle said with a smile.
"Okay, perfect first date?" Daniel asked.
Without hesitation Annabelle answered, "This one."
Daniel stopped the dance and they sat down on a boulder beside the creek.
"Why?" Daniel asked confused.
"Because you don't care that I'm sitting in my pajamas with my hair all crazy. You didn't spend a lot of money on this it's very simple, but the most romantic thing ever. I really know that you care. Also, I am a sucker for a guy that teaches me how to dance." Annabelle laughed and Daniel brushed his lips across hers.
"How old are you?" Annabelle asked while staring at the moonlight dancing on the water.
"I am 17, but I am also 125 years old." Daniel laughed. " I'm the oldest but only by about 10 minutes." He laughed and layed back on the grass. Annabelle layed her head on his chest and he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. He intertwined his fingers with hers and kissed the back of her hand. Annabelle yawned and Daniel laughed.
"Are you sleepy, again?" He asked.
"Maybe, but I don't want to go to sleep. I don't want this to end." Annabelle told Daniel.
"Go to sleep, my love, I will never leave you. I am yours, and yours alone." Daniel said with an open heart. Daniel started twirling her hair and humming her favorite song. Slowly Annabelle fell asleep on his chest.
Annabelle woke up in the morning to find herself back in the living room next to Clover. Annabelle shook Clover.
"Hey! Clover, wake up!"
Clover moaned and sat up. Both girls stared at each other with confused eyes. Both wondering if what happened last night was a dream. Both girls jumped when a voice across the room spoke.
"Yeah, it was real," said a deep, husky voice. Annabelle  looked over to see Daniel sitting in the old brown leather chair. Annabelle patted the air mattress as an invitation to come sit.  Daniel walked over and layed down next to her. Annabelle turned over to look at Daniel and was greeted with a good morning kiss. Annabelle smiled and turned back over to face Clover and to see Michael in the same position behind her but they were not done kissing just yet.
"Kissing is an understatement" Annabelle thought to herself and laughed as she faced Daniel. He had a smile on his face.
"Good morning, did you sleep well?" Daniel asked before kissing her forehead.
"I slept very well, thank you." Annabelle replied with a smile. Then her smile twisted. "Do I ask you if you slept well or how was your night."
Daniel laughed. "How was your night. And it was wonderful, thanks." He leaned down and kissed Annabelle again, but didn't pull away this time. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer while his other hand was on the back of her neck, pulling them both deeper into the kiss. Annabelle cupped his face with her hand, her other hand was behind his head, entangled in his curls. Annabelle traced his bottom lip with her tongue. Daniel ran his fingers slowy down Annabelle's neck, then across her collar bone, then slid his hand down to her waist, then the small of her back. Chills ran down Annabelle's spine as the world disappeared around her. All she could feel was Daniel. His strong arms holding them together, his beautiful eyes, the taste of his tounge. His fingers caressing small desiegns on her back. She ran her hand down his muscular chest and he shivered with pleasure.
"Annabelle. Annabelle! Stop making out! I am in the room. And your mom is coming!" Clover was yelling, but Annabelle was in her own little world until the very last sentence. All of a sudden, both her and Daniel froze. He disappeared along with Michael. Clover was laying on the the air mattress next to Annabelle doubled over laughing and making fun of Annabelle's shocked face.
Annabelle's mom walked in with her brother close behind. " We're going to town. You two be good and behave. Bye, love you!"
"Love you too, mom!" Annabelle replied. As soon as her mom was out the door, Clover was making kissy noises in Annabelle's face and singing the kissing song.
"Oh, shut up!" Annabelle moaned as she threw the couch pillow at Clover. Michael came out from under the couch and Daniel slid out from behind the TV. Michael sat down in the computer chair behind Clover's head and put his hands on her shoulders. He soon joined in with her laughter. Daniel looked at Annabelle's embarrassed face and sat down next to her and pulled her onto his lap. She layed her head on his shoulder and relaxed, feeling safe with his arms wrapped around her. Clover's stomach growled.
Michael smiled. "Someone hungry?"
Clover blushed. "A bit."
Michael looked at Annabelle. "Mind if I borrow your kitchen?"
Annabelle shrugged. "Go ahead."
Michael stood and scooped Clover up bridal style. "Come on, Clove."
Annabelle looked up at Daniel.
He smiled. "What?"
Annabelle bit her lip and looked down.
Daniel smiled and scooped her up. "Come on, Anna."
He walked in the kitchen and set her down in a chair. Clover was sitting at the table, watching Michael make pancakes. Daniel brushed his lips across Annabelle's head before helping Michael. After the pancakes were done and each girl had a heaping plate of food did they turn their attention to the vampires next to them.
Clover looked at Michael. "Are you hungry, too?"
Michael shrugged. "Kind of. But it can wait."
Clover spun around in her chair and faced Michael. "No, it can't. What can I do?"
Michael pushed himself off the counter and walked to Clover. "Clove, no. I don't want to hurt you."
Clover shook her head. "Michael, please. You're hungry and I don't want you out biting some random person."
Michael put his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. "Are you sure you want me to bite you?"
Clover nodded. "I'm sure."
Michael gathered her hair and pulled it back, revealing her slender neck. Right before he was about to bite her, he realized that they weren't the only people in the room.
Michael looked at Daniel and then turned back to Clover. "Come on, let's take this to another room."
He picked her up and carried her into Annabelle's bedroom. Michael gently laid Clover on the bed.
Michael leaned over her. "Are you sure you want me to bite you?"
Clover nodded and pulled her hair away from her neck. Michael leaned down and kissed her soft throat. Clover closed her eyes, not wanting to see him bite her. He spread his lips apart and his fangs grazed her throat. Clover stiffened for a second and Michael intertwined his fingers with hers. Clover relaxed. Michael's fangs grazed her throat again.
"Just bite me."
Michael's fangs stopped on a spot on her throat. His fangs pressed down and made indentations in her skin. Michael pressed harder and his fangs pierced her skin. It felt like a small pinch and then the pain was gone. Clover felt blood flow through her body out to Michael's mouth. After a minute, Michael pulled back and looked at Clover. He leaned down and kissed her throat. Clover smiled and opened her eyes.
Michael layed down on the bed next to her. "Are you okay?"
"I'm fine, just a little dizzy," she replied.
"That's normal," Michael said. He looked away.
Clover reached over and turned his face towards hers. "You're still hungry, aren't you?"
He hesitated, then nodded. "I am, but I don't want to hurt you."
Clover brushed his bangs aside. "If you're still hungry, I'm still here. Michael, I don't want you biting anyone else unless it's absolutely necessary."
Michael grabbed her hand and kissed it. "Baby, I'll be okay. I don't want to take enough to hurt you."
Clover looked down.
Michael hooked one arm over her hips and pulled her closer. "Clove, I love you, and that's why I'm not taking anymore blood. Not right now."
Clover put one hand on Michael's chest. "Just promise me the you won't go bite anyone else, okay?"
Michael leaned closer and put his forehead against hers. "I promise."
He closed the remaining space between their lips. Michael pulled Clover closer. He deepened the kiss. Clover pressed herself closer to him. Michael's fangs tickled her lower lip. Clover's hand moved from his shoulder down his stomach. Michael growled and kissed her harder. Electricity ran through Clover's body. Michael pulled away slowly.
He smiled and stroked her cheek with his thumb. "So you believe that I won't bite anyone else?"
Clover nodded. Michael kissed her again. The room faded away and it was just Clover and Michael. All the could she could feel was Michael. Michael was all there was. He was beside her, pressed up against her. He tasted like crisp, fresh apple on a brisk fall day. Michael pulled back and turned on his back. He pulled Clover over until her torso was on top of him. Michael started playing with her hair. Clover closed her eyes. The last guy she'd let hold her like this had broken her heart. Clover smiled, knowing Michael would rather stab himself with a wooden stake then hurt her.

The End

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