Natural Unnatural: Part Five

Clover and Michael remained in the living room.
"So, where did he just go with my best friend?" Clover laughed.
"Just down to the creek. She's fine."
Clover scooted closer to Michael and leaned her head against his shoulder. Michael started playing with her hair.
Clover closed her eyes.
Michael leaned down and whispered in her ear. "Is there anything you want to know about me? Anything you want me to show you?"
Clover pulled away and looked Michael in the eyes. "Can you show me what our life would've been like if you changed me?"
Michael smiled and pressed his lips against hers. Clover saw Michael bite her neck, and then pour a drop from the black vial onto the bite mark. Clover watched her eyes open and look at Michael, the first person she saw after she was changed. She saw them in Vegas, getting married. Clover saw her and Michael living together for eternity.
Clover pulled back and looked at Michael. "Why didn't you change me yesterday?"
Michael pulled Clover closer. "I didn't show what would happen if I had."
He kissed her again. Clover trembled as his fangs lightly grazed her lower lip. She saw her parents home, seeing Clover's body. Cameryn crying herself to sleep every night, saying her sister's name. Warm tears started trickling down Clover's cheeks.
Michael pulled back and wiped a tear away with his fingertip. "Now do you understand why I didn't change you?"
Clover nodded and blinked, sending a fresh wave of tears down her cheeks.
Michael looked confused as he wiped another tear. "I don't get it, baby. What are these tears for?"
Clover looked into his blue-green eyes. "Because you love me that much. You've been searching for me your whole life, and when you find me, you don't change me so my family won't suffer."
Michael smiled and wiped another tear away. "Clove, I'll wait for you. I'll wait until your parents let you go. I've waited over a hundred years, I can wait another four, five years. And besides, we'll still be together. Now that I've found you, I'm not letting you go."
Clover smiled through the tears. "Then don't let go now."
Michael smiled and laid down on the air mattress, pulling Clover down with him. He put her head on his chest and started playing with her hair again.

The End

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