Natural Unnatural: Part Four

A few hours later at Annabelle's house, the girls were standing in Annabelle's kitchen getting glasses of coke.
Clover took a sip of hers and set it on the counter. "I'm going to go play your piano."
Annabelle nodded as Clover walked into the next room. There was the beautiful sound of a piano lid being pushed up and then music followed. Annabelle smiled. She knew Clover would play something familiar and then change it around and all her own flair to it until it was completely different. Annabelle turned around and faced the sink. She heard something tap on the glass door by the sink. Annabelle looked and saw Michael and Daniel standing outside. Annabelle stifled a scream.
Cover jumped up and ran back in the kitchen. "What is it?"
She followed Annabelle's line of sight and saw the two vampires standing out on Annabelle's deck.
"Please let us in. We can explain everything," Daniel said through the glass.
Clover put her hands on her hips and gave the vampires what Annabelle called her "do as I say or die" look. "Only if you promise not to bite us anymore."
"Agreed," Michael said.
Daniel nodded in agreement. Annabelle opened the sliding glass door and let them in. Michael and Daniel looked at the floor.
"Sit." Annabelle pointed to the white chairs at the kitchen table.
Michael and Daniel sat down. Annabelle and Clover sat down on the other side of the table.
Clover gave each vampire an icy stare in turn. "So start explaining."
Michael looked down. "There's only one way we can really explain this."
Annabelle looked at Daniel. "And what's that?"
Daniel looked away. "You know those myths where languages and memories are learned and seen through a kiss?"
Clover laughed. "So you bite us and now you want to kiss us? How stupid do you think we are?"
Michael looked at Clover, sadness in his eyes. "It's the only way to explain everything."
Clover looked at Annabelle.
Annabelle shrugged. "Fine. But we decide who goes first."
Daniel smiled at her gratefully. "Agreed."
Annabelle looked at Clover. "Who wants to kiss a vampire first?"
Clover shrugged. "You do it."
Annabelle shook her head. "Not a chance. You."
Clover looked at Annabelle. "You,"
Daniel looked at Michael and shrugged. There was a blur and suddenly they were standing in front of the girl they'd bitten.
Michael looked into Clover's gold-brown eyes. "This will explain everything."
He pressed his lips against hers.
Daniel looked into Annabelle's grey eyes. "I wish our first kiss wasn't tainted with anger."
He pressed his lips against hers. An electric shock ran through all four. Visons flew through the girls' heads. Michael and Daniel walking down the street, someone coming out of nowhere and biting them both. The boys laying in coffins, at their own funeral. The boys waking up with fangs and a thirst for blood. A century of memories ran through the girls' minds. Michael's hand went behind Clover's head and pressed her closer as he deepened the kiss. Daniel wrapped an arm around Annabelle's waist as he deepened the kiss. The memories stopped, but the vampires's lips stayed pressed against the girls'. Michael pulled back first. His lips seperated from Clover's slowly. His eyes still closed, he brushed his lips across the bridge of her nose. Daniel pulled back from Annabelle. The girls looked at the vampire in front of them, and then looked at each other, stunned. They turned and looked back at the vampires. Michael and Daniel laughed.
Michael looked at Daniel. "They handled that better than I thought they would."
Daniel nodded and looked longingly at Annabelle's lips. "You're right."
Michael looked at the girls. "So now do you understand?"
The girls nodded.
Daniel smiled. "This makes it a lot easier."
A door opened on the other side of the house.
Clover looked at Annabelle. "Your mom…"
Annabelle looked at Daniel and Michael. "You've got to go hide. She can't know you're here."
There was a blur and both vampires were gone.
Annabelle's mom groggily walked in the kitchen. "Girls, it's getting late. Either keep it down or go to bed."
Clover and Annabelle nodded. Annabelle's mom nodded and walked back to her room. Clover and Annabelle heaved a sigh of relief.
Clover looked around. "So where did they go?"
"Right here."
Clover whirled around and saw Michael and Daniel standing behind her.
Annabelle looked at Daniel. "Where were you hiding?"
Daniel shrugged. "I was in the pantry."
"And I was under the couch," Michael said, looking at Clover.
Clover looked at Michael. "You fit under a couch?"
Michael nodded. "One of the advantages of being a vampire."
Clover laughed.
Annabelle didn't take her eyes off of Daniel. "So can vampires shrink?"
Daniel laughed. "No. Michael is just very flexible."
Clover smiled and looked at Michael out of the corner of her eye. "How flexible do you have to be to fit under a couch?"
Michael smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist. "That's for me to know and you to maybe find out one day."
Clover bit her lip, smiled, and looked down.
Annabelle blinked. "Stay here. Clover and I need to get pillows and blankets."
The vampires nodded. Clover pulled on Michael's hand, trying to get him to let go. Annabelle slowly turned away from Daniel and started walking out of the kitchen. Clover pulled on Michael's hand again. He finally let go and Clover followed Annabelle to her room. They were walking past Annabelle's brother's room. The door opened and JP walked out.
He stared at the girls groggily. "What's going on?"
Annabelle gave her brother "the look." "What do you mean?"
JP rolled his eyes. "I heard voices."
Clover put her hand on her hip. "Dude, it was us."
JP shook his head. "I heard more voices than just you two."
Annabelle shrugged. "TV."
JP looked hard at his sister. "I'm going to check."
Annabelle gave Clover the "oh no" look as JP walked out to the living room. Both girls held their breath while he was gone. The wood floor creaked as JP walked back to his room.
He looked at Annabelle. "Turn the TV down, okay?"
Annabelle nodded. JP shut the door. Annabelle looked at Clover and heaved a sigh of relief. They continued on to Annabelle's room. When they walked into Annabelle's room, Daniel and Michael were sitting on Annabelle's bed. Daniel had Annabelle's chocolate brown pillow and her old blanket she slept with every night. Michael was holding Clover's lime-green pillow and her teddy bear.
Clover smiled and walked to Michael. "So you hid and grabbed my bear while you did?"
Michael smiled and handed the bear to Clover. Clover smiled and looked down.
Daniel picked Annabelle up and carried her to the living room with Michael and Clover following close behind. When they got into the living room, Daniel gently set Annabelle down on the floor and sat down next to her. Annabelle tired, like always, leaned against Daniel with his arm around her. Clover sat on the other air mattress and Michael sat down next to her and intertwined his fingers with hers. Clover blushed and looked down.
"So, yesterday you bit us and we're still human. Why? Are you like a half breed like Renneseme?" Annabelle asked with a confused tone.
Daniel looked at Michael and laughed. "So you guys believe in those kinds of vampires."
Clover and Annabelle gave each other a confused look and Daniel and Michael laughed harder.
"We don't sparkle, were not pale, we do not have special powers, we don't have aversions to crufixes, garlic has no effect on us, wooden stakes will kill and guns can hurt but wood works better, but don't get any ideas. Also, we are not venemous. What does Stephanie Meyer think we are, snakes?" Michael said.
"You still didn't answer my question," Annabelle said to both vampires.
"It's because to turn a person into a vampire you have to use the venom of the flower, Toxicun Lamia. It's Latin for toxic vampire. Every vampire is given some when they are turned.' Both vampires pulled a chain out from underneath their shirts. On the end was a little black bottle. "When you're changing a person, you bite them and then put a drop of the flower's venom into the bite. It's painless. We're still not sure where she got the fire through the body thing," Michael explained.
Annabelle and Clover stared at the boys with wide eyes trying to sort out what they just heard.
Clover exhaled, not knowing she'd been holding her breath. Annabelle did the same.
"Then why are you still here, and us still human?" Clover questioned. Annabelle nodded in agreement with her friend's question.
Daniel cleared his throut and both girls look at him as he started to explain.
"As a vampire, we only have one true love. There is a distinct taste of your true love's blood and when you taste it, you just know. When you realize that the blood you just tasted is your true love, you're supposed to turn them into a vampire right then." Daniel paused.
Michael started to talk. "Yesterday, we both found what many look for theire entire lives. Other vampires find their love and take them then. We decided not to."
"Why are we different then others?" Annabelle asked, very concerned.
Daniel put one finger underneath Annabelle's chin and made her look him in the eyes.
"Anna, it's because in the one second I knew you were my love and I would do anything for you." Daniel paused, "You are only fifteen and have a family and a life to live. I love you so much I am willing to wait for you." Annabelle blinked and swallowed loudly but never lost Daniel's gaze.
Clover looked up at Michael, "Is it true?"
Michael nodded. "Every word."
"So I'm still a little confused about your life and who you are. Can you explain again?" Annabelle asked, lightning up the atmosphere like always. "I also want to know about when you were little, your family, when you were older, about your personality, what you like." Daniel rolled his eyes, picked Annabelle up and was out the window and in the old willow tree over the creek behind her house before Annabelle could even blink.
"So that part is true, you are super fast and have amazing senses. I just wonder if they have done you justice on your kissing." Annabelle said playfuly.
Daniel chuckled and leaned in and began telling Annabelle about his entire life.

The End

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