Natural Unnatural: Part Three

Annabelle woke first. "What happened?"
Clover groaned. "Annabelle? What happened? I feel like I was run over by a steamroller."
Annabelle nodded. "Ditto.
Clover grabbed her phone and checked the time. "Annabelle, it's almost two."
The girls looked at each other. "The pasta salad!" they yelled simultaniously. Both girls got up and ran to the kitchen. The pot and other dishes were no where to be seen. All that was out was a large glass bowl with pasta salad in it. A piece of printer paper folded in half sat in front of it.
Annabelle grabbed the paper. "Thanks for letting us stay, sorry about putting you to sleep. We'll see you again soon, Michael and Daniel."
Clover leaned against the wall. "Well how do you like that? They come in here, knock us out, do who knows what to us, and then say they'll see us around?"
Annabelle looked at Clover's neck. "Um…Clover, why do you have a bite mark and a bruise on your neck."
"What? Wait…Annabelle, you have one too."
Annabelle's hand flew to her neck. "So does that mean…"
Clover lightly touched her bruise. "Either this is a bizarre dream, or we're officialy going insane."
Clover held up a hand. "Don't say it, Annabelle."
Annabelle shrugged and grabbed a fork from the dishwasher. "Come on Clover, it's a possibility."
Clover shrugged. "So then options three is…"
Annabelle took a bite of pasta salad. "That they're vampires. Vampires that make good pasta salad."
Clover grabbed another fork from the silverware drawer and took a bite. "You're right, they are."
Annabelle laughed. "If this is what they do to their meals, then sign me up for vampire food station!"
Clover laughed and kept eating.

The End

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