Natural Unnatural: Part Two

After Annabelle and Clover dropped Cameryn off at daycare, they came back to Clover's house.
Annabelle looked at the clock. "It's noon. I'm hungry."
Clover laughed and threw herself down on a brown leather couch. "You're only hungry because it's noon."
Annabelle walked to the living room door. "I was hungry anyway. The fact that it's noon only emphasizes my point."
Clover laughed and got up. The wood floor gave way to linoleum as she walked in the kitchen.
Clover leaned against the yellow stucco wall. "What do you want to make?"
Annabelle smiled. "Our usual."
Clover returned the smile and opened the pantry door. "Pasta salad it is! And our flavor of the day is…" Clover grabbed a box and looked at it. "Greek. One of my personal favorites."
Annabelle laughed. "So where are all the pots?"
Clover smiled and shook her head. "Same place they were last time you were here, Annabelle."
"So under the counter by the sink?"
Clover nodded. "Unless my parents moved them last night."
Annabelle opened the oak cabinet door and grabbed a big silver pot.
Clover reached up in the pantry and grabbed a bottle of olive oil. "Not that one, the one with the colander-lid."
Clover turned around. "The one with the holes in the lid."
"Right." Annabelle smiled and grabbed it. She filled it up with water and put it on the stove.
Clover walked to the stove and put the ingredients down on the butcher block next to it. "And now we wait for the water to boil."
Annabelle stared at the water for a second. "Shall we do our water-boiling dance?"
Clover nodded. "We shall."
They were just about to start dancing when a knock sounded on the front door.
Annabelle glared at the door. "It never fails. Just when you're about to do a water-boil dance, someone interrupts you."
Clover rolled her eyes and walked to the door.
Clover opened the door and smiled. "Can I help you?"
"Yes actually, you can."
Clover looked up at the two people at the door. They were both tall and muscular. One had short, dirty-blonde, curly hair and blue-grey eyes. The other had black hair in a shaggy, skater boy cut with blue-green eyes.
The one with black hair smiled. "I'm Michael and this is…"
"Daniel," the blonde one finished.
Clover nodded.
Annabelle stepped beside Clover. "I'm Annabelle and this is Clover."
Michael nodded. "Well Annabelle and Clover, our car broke down and we were wondering if we could stay for a couple hours, just until our friend can pick us up."
Clover looked at Annabelle, who nodded.
Clover shrugged. "I guess so."
She stepped back and let them walk in. Things happened so fast after that. There was a blur and Clover was on one couch, Annabelle on the other. They were unconscious. Michael leaned over Clover. Daniel leaned over Annabelle.
They moved the girls' hair aside, revealing their slender, white, throats. They sank their fangs into the girls' throats and drank deeply. The vampires' pupils dialated when they tasted the girls' sweet, rich blood. Then they pulled back and looked at each other. Confusion, and then wonder ran across their faces. Desire ran across their faces. Daniel reached into his shirt and started to grab a black chain.
Michael shook his head. "No. We can't. They're still young, we can't do it. Not to them."
Daniel looked longingly at Annabelle. "Michael, then we need to stay around. We can't lose them. We might never find them again."
Michael nodded. "Right."

The End

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