Natural Unnatural

Annabelle sat at the table. "Clover, how much longer til your sister's done getting ready?"
Clover pushed her copper hair behind her shoulder. "I don't know. You know Cameryn, she thinks she's a princess and the world waits on her."
Annabelle laughed. "Come on Clover, Cameryn's not that bad."
Clover laughed. "Try living with her."
Annabelle smiled as the girls fell back into their old arguement. "I'll take her."
Clover flung her arms out wide. "Take her! Please take her!"
"You don't like your little sister? That's mean!"
Clover turned around and saw Cameryn. "That's not what I said, Cam." Clover walked by Annabelle. "She's such a diva!"
Cameryn turned and glared at her sister. "I heard that, sissy. I'm gonna tell mama you called me a diva."
Clover grabbed her phone off the kitchen table. "Come on, Annabelle. Let's take little diva to daycare."
Annabelle laughed. "Clover, she's eight."
Clover shrugged. "Your point?"
Annabelle laughed. "Come on Cameryn."
After sticking her tongue out at Clover one more time, Cameryn walled to Annabelle and grabbed her hand, a sign of the new favorite. Clover rolled her eyes and shrugged.

The End

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