Natural Freedom: Part Four

I’m chilled at the ominous meaning in his words.

Austin seems to think of what his words mean and he smiles. “So you know who I am, but I don’t know who you two are.”

            “I’m DG, and this is James.”

Austin nods slowly.

            “Well if you and your boyfriend want to rest…”

            “James isn’t my boyfriend, he’s my best friend.”

Austin grins.“Well in that case, allow me to escort you around the camp and to your new home.”

I smile for the first time today. A tall guy with blonde hair and blue eyes quickly walks over.

            “Austin, you shouldn’t force yourself on the new girl. And besides, I’m sure she wants a real man to show her around.”

I laugh.

“My name’s Seth, I’m in charge of all the weapons here. And I’ll be the one who provides you with means of protection, so don’t make me angry.” He smiles. Another guy walks up.

            “Seth, down boy. Leave the new people alone.” He turns to me and smiles apologetically. “My name’s Andy. I’m the leader here, and I’ll show you to your new house. If the two of you will be so kind as to follow me.”

Ready to rest, I follow without hesitation. We stop at two presumably empty huts.

            “Hey DG, this will be like camp!”

I smile and gently shove James.

“Yeah, except the objective of the games here is to stay alive.”

Andy smiles. “Well, James this is yours, and DG, the one next door is yours. And lunch will be served soon where Austin first brought you.” I nod and Andy starts to walk away.

            “Hey Andy, what does Tartarus mean?”

            He stops walking and is silent for a moment, then calls over his shoulder “It’s the Greek word for Hell.”

The End

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