Natural Freedom: Part Two

            When we finally stop running, the sky is beginning to lighten up. Dawn. We’re both completely out of breath when a voice suddenly cuts through the stillness.

            “Rainsford or Zaroff?”

            “What?” James looks around.

            “Rainsford or Zaroff?” the voice repeats.

I see a dim specter to my left. It materializes into a man with brown eyes, dark eyes, and a machine gun. I throw up my hands to show that I’m unarmed.

            “We just washed up and we’re exhausted. Can we just have food and shelter?” James asks as he slowly takes a step forward.

            The wild man aims his gun at James’ heart. “Are you a spy?”

James steps back and puts his hands up.

            “Look, we have no idea what you’re talking about. We just washed up and we want food and shelter until we can find a way to get off this island,” I interject.

The wild man looks between James and me, and seems to be fighting a battle in his mind as he considers us for a second. Then he slowly lowers his gun and motions for us to follow him through the dense jungle.

The End

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