Natural Chicken Griller Chapter 1

Joe Corn, natural chicken griller. He's so natural, he could grill a chicken leg when he was only five. Now ain't he a miracle? A chicken grilling eight year old miracle.

Chapter 1.............................Joe Corn The Great

   Shucks I am Joe Corn. I'm the best chicken griller in the whole universe. Or at least in the third grade. I could grill a five pound chicken faster than a fat kid could run three feet. Or something. My parents say I was born for this stuff. I grilled in their diner called " The Chicken" All the adults who come to The Chicken take a whiff  the chicken I grill and they look at me as if they wanna steal me away and make me make them chicken for the rest of theirs and my life.

 I am Joe Corn. Third Grader. Smarty Pants. Candy Lover. Chicken Griller.  I was the best rootin' tootin' chicken yew could ever lay your eyes on. Heck, on the first day The Chicken opened we had more tips than fifty McDonalds put together. Twice!

Joe Corn the Mighty, they'd call me. Joe Corn the Griller. Joey Corns-alot. Griller of the Chickens. Heck I'd even like it if they called me " Grillin' Chicken Joe-man King"

The End

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