Native Love

Two men courting the same woman, Star. They play there music for her, when the music stops, only one will win her heart.

There is a young boy name Little Elk, he is tall and slim, he also has long dark hair with a feather on his head and a flute in his hands.

Every evening Little Elk would go up the Palo Durra canyon to play his flute for the one he loves, her name is Star, she is very beautiful. She has long black hair down to her hips. When she was down on the canyon floor, Little Elk was on top of the canyon playing his flute. Star was drawn to the sound of his flute, so she started to climb up the canyon wall, when she heard another beautiful flute sound in the canyon. Star climbed back down the canyon wall onto the canyon floor and started looking, Little Elk was also searching for the other man that was courting his woman.

Star was looking down on the canyon floor but could not see anything, she looked up the canyon wall and saw a shadow figure, she thought to herself, "could be the man or an eagle about to take flight."

Little Elk looked down at Star and watched her stare at something, so he looked in the direction she was looking at. He saw the man, across the canyon top from him. Little Elk ran fast and jumped off the canyon and on to the other side and they met face to face.

"She is mine, she was drawn to my  music," said Little Elk in anger.

"I saw how she looked for me, she loved my flute sounds," said Mysterious Man.

"Lets go down there, and we both play our flutes for her, but no use of you playing, she'll come to me," said Mysterious Man.

"We will see about that," smiled Little Elk.

So they both went down the canyon wall and on to the canyon floor, Star turned around and saw Little Elk and the Mysterious Man.

"Alright Star, sit here on this boulder, Mysterious Man and I are going to play our love songs for you," said Little Elk.

 So Star sat down on the boulder rock. Mysterious Man and Little Elk played their love songs for Star. Star got up and started dancing. She danced in front of Mysterious Man and started  dancing around him, stroking him on the shoulders and touched his face. Then she danced towards Little  Elk and started dancing around him, she dance around him a long time. Mysterious Man stopped playing his flute and Little Elk kept playing until the end of the song came near and he stopped.

"What is your name?" asked Star.

"My name is a mystery, where ever he takes you, I'll be above watching you, then you will know my name," said Mysterious Man.

"We will meet again?" asked Little Elk.

"Sooner than you think," said Mysterious Man walking on the canyon floor to where he put his horse. And then disappeared.

 "Run away with me to Yellow Stone, where there our many  buffalos' to eat and no white men has gone there yet, we will live forever," said Little Elk.

Little Elk whistled for his horse down in the canyon. The horse came running. Little Elk jumped on the horse and grabbed Star by the hand and pulled her up and rode to Yellow Stone.

On the way they rode through many vast lands, creeks and went through other villages and many mountains. When they were in the woods of Yellow Stone they came to an open field of long grass they got off their horse and let it roam. When they were walking on the open field of grass Little Elk looked up and saw two eagles soaring above the sky.

Then in the distance he heard a screeching sound coming from another Eagle.

"Someone is watching," said Little Elk looking around.

"I think I know his name now," said Star.

"What?" asked Little Elk.

"Red Eagle," said Star.

Then there was silent, Little Elk looked towards the woods and herd a shout. Then saw a white horse with Red Eagle the Mysterious Man on it. Little Elk whistled for his horse and it came running to him and he jumped on him. They both ran into each other knocking each other off their horses. They both quickly got up and ran at each other with knives. Then Little Elk stabbed Red Eagle and fell to the ground, Red Eagle pulled Little Elk's knife out and got up.

He ran towards Little Elk, but Little Elk quickly moved and made Red Eagle fall. Little Elk turned his back and was walking towards Star. Red Eagle got his knife and threw it, it stabbed Little Elk in the back of the shoulder blade. Little Elk groaned as he pulled it out, and walked back over towards Red Eagle. Little Elk stabbed Red Eagle in the gut and he watched him die slowly. As he died, Little Elk was already digging a hole and buried Red Eagle, then he said a prayer.

"Great Spirit, I give you a great warrior, Red Eagle, take him and welcome him," said Little Elk.

The Little Elk bent down and said,

"I will see you again, in the next life," smiled Little Elk.

Then Little Elk and Star went into the woods and vanished. Nobody knows if they had any children? did they get to be old together? or died young? I am sure they lived  a good life, until the white men came and discovered Yellow Stone. Some say, when you go to Yellow Stone where the buffalo's graze on the open field you can hear Little Elks and Red Eagles battle cry.


The End

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