20 Years Later: Uncovered

Another cold wet day, as James Nullins trunged to work in the old factory. James was 23 years old, fresh out of university after having studied Criminology and now stuck working at some factory which made batteries. This was not how James had wanted his life to go. He missed university and the memories of the place just made him more nostalgic. He had tried to get into the police but he hadn't passed the entry exam. He was now looking for inspiration, something he was sure he wouldn't find in a battery factory.

As he walked to work, passing a few security checkpoints, he didn't really take note of his surroundings but just as he was coming upto the factory gates something made him look up. He stared into a small alley which he passed everyday. Something seemed out of place...Then he noticed it, a folder which looked like it had been dumped very recently. This was strange and strange appealed to James.

He walked upto the folder and after debating with himself, picked it up and opened it:



Maybe he should have dropped the folder and left it, maybe he should have handed it to one of the guards at the checkpoint but he decided to read it and what he read stunned him...

The End

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